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DK Bicycles Team At The Simple Session 2014

Looks like this year Ryys will be dropping team videos from the Simple Session 2014 that went down past month and here is DK Bicycles team. DK sent Drew Bezanson, Mike Varga, Brian Kachinsky and Vinny Mannino to Tallinn, Estonia to have fun and to shred at, what could be sad, year’s best BMX contest. Unfortunately Vinny Mannino crashed pretty badly, which sucks, but he is doing good, so we are all stoked for him and wishing him a fast recovery. The rest of the DK Bicycles crew ended up without any serious injury and here they are, talking about the whole event, how massive the crowd is and BMX in general. Listen to this guy and you may learn a few things. It does not matter if it is a huge jump box trick or a super technical rail stunt, BMX is about having fun. Have thing in mind kids, because this is very important.
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Simple Session 2014 Course Preview

Simple Session 14 new course teaser! from Simple Session on Vimeo.

Simple Session 2014 is happening from February 22nd to February 23rd in Tallinn, Estonia and I know you are all getting excited about it. They dropped this video to show you how the course will look like and like any other year, it sure is sick. I like that rainbow. What do you think?
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Simple Session 14 BMX Teaser

Simple Session 14 BMX Teaser Trailer from Simple Session on Vimeo.

Only one week left and we will enter into the year of 2014 and what this also means, Simple Session 14 will go down, probably the best contest of the year. They just released the teser for this amazing even that will be happening from February 22nd to February 23 in Tallinn, Eastonia. Who is going?
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Simple Session 2014 Date

The date for the annual Simple Session has been set and it will be going down from February 22nd to February 24th, 2013 in Tallinn, Estonia. mark you calendars and join the event’s Facebook page for all the updates and informations.
Oh, check out video highlights from this year’s version of it below.

Simple Session 2013 By Pravda

The crew of people from Moscow, Russia who are calling themselves Pravda, made a trip to Tallinn, Estonia for the Simple Session 2013 and here is a short documentary that is documenting their trip to one of the best, if not the best, contest of the year.
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Red Bull – Simple Session 2013

You already forgot about the Simple Session 2013? Well, lets remember it all together by watching this Red Bull edit, filmed on the very last day, when the best trick and finals were happening. The level of riding is insane and we know it and I really have no idea what we can expect for 2014.
Riding from Kevin Peraza, Stevie Churchill, Bruno Hoffmann, Devon Smillie, Harry Main, Kyle Baldock, Dan Foley and more.
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Quintin Simple Session 2013 Commercial

Simple Session 2013 was amazing and here is Quintin’s commercial that was running on the big screens during the event, featuring Jackson Ratima, Raul Ruiz and Brett Sube enjoying streets of Los Angeles.

Simple Session 2013 Best Moments

If you already forgot how sick and wild the Simple Session 2013, that took place in Tallinn, Estonia was, here is something to remember you, filmed by Dimid Vazhnik and Yago Taranov. I know not much time passed from it, but I can not wait to see what happens in 2014.
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A Different Vision – Simple Session 13

Maybe you are over all those video from Simple Session 2013, maybe you aren’t, but one thing is for sure, you definitely need to watch this one, made by Dmitri Shushuyev. It pretty much has it all, riding and non-riding stuff, so this is why it is that much better.
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Fox At Simple Session 2013

Fox riders Aaron Ross, Eki Vainika, Greg Illingworth, Pat Casey and Trey Jones, shredding the Simple Session 2013 course. A lot of different styles of riding and a lot of good moves pulled.
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