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2014 Summer Session June 6 & 7 At Nova Gorica, Slovenia

summer session

If you live anywhere near Nova Gorica, Slovenia, then you need to mark your calendars for the next weekend. Why’s that? Because you want to be there, either you are a rider or a mega BMX fan. It is 2014 Summer Session that is happening on June 6 & 7. Nova Gorica got a fresh news concrete skatepark and this is the first official BMX contest that is happening over there. Hopefully we see you in gazillion numbers, because you know Summer Session is going to be mad!

For all the informations and updates follow the official website and it’s Facebook event page.

By the way, BMX riders know how to party.

Get ready, cause 2014 Summer Session is going to be mad!

Nasty Skatepark Crash

Now this is one really nasty crash this kid took at the skatepark. Be careful.
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Church Arnhem

Church Arnhem from steijn on Vimeo.

What?! Ever saw a skatepark in a church? Not me. Here is a private session with Nicky van der Veen, Daniel Wedemeijer, Emile Bouwman and Desmond Tesemaker, filmed by Steijn Leijzer.

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Keep Vans Skatepark Open

If you don’t want that Vans Skatepark in Orlando is closed hit this link, like their page and write something in comments.

Pinball Machine Skatepark

Funniest park ever made. This park will be open only for three weeks, so go to New Zealand as soon as possible if you want to ride it.

Dean Cueson And Ryan Taylor At Creation Video

Dean Cueson & Ryan Taylor @ Creation Edit – More BMX Videos

Huge airs, barspins, flairs and much more from UK park riders Dean Cueson and Ryan Taylor doing it at the Creation Skatepark.

Rampworx New Hip To Huge Wallride

Rampworx New Hip to Huge Wallride from Rampworx Skatepark on Vimeo.

Word from Vimeo:
“We have been building a new ramp in the skatepark over the last few weeks, a hip with a massive wallride.
What better way to test out your new ramp then invite some locals to come down for a closed door session. It just so happened that our locals for the day where Jason Phelan, Ben Lewis and Leon Perkins…not too shabby. Check the video.”

Video by Matty Lambert