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Mike Hoder S&M Bikes Ad

Mike Hoder enjoying the beer at the 2013 Texas Toast Jam and since Nathan Beddows made an amazing job capturing the moment, S&M Bikes decided to put it on a print ad for RIde UK magazine.

S&M Bikes “Please Kill Me” – Matt Beringer Section

S&M Bikes dropped an epic section from their 2004 full length video “Please Kill Me” featuring Matt Beringer. Everyone knows Matt and everyone knows how good his riding is and especially how creative. This section is full of that stuff and if you, by any chance, never saw it, you are doing crime if you ask me.
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S&M Bikes W.T.F. Frame And Fork

It has been a while since the first mention of S&M Bikes’ W.T.F. frame and fork kit and now they announced the price ($399), so if you are in search for a new frame and new forks and you like light stuff, this can be just perfect for you. Think about it.

Derek Dorame For S&M Bikes

S&M Bikes represent from New Mexico, Derek Dorame, made a fresh new piece for his sponsor and we are all stoked how good it came out. Derek can whip pretty much out of every grind and line and likes pulling barsins and big gap to walls. This was really solid and I highly advise you you press the play button.
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Charlie Crumlish S&M Bikes Ad

This is Charlie Crumlish’s welcome to the S&M Bikes print ad that you can find in the Ride BMX magazine spread over two pages. Technical combo from Crumlish, like always.

S&M Bikes Five Panel Shield Hats

S&M Bikes will soon have available these new five panel shield hats and they are already close to sold out, so act quick before they are all gone. Available in green, black and camo.

S&M Bikes – Bevan Cowan Edit

S&M Bikes rider, Bevan Cowan, spent past months shredding places around Australia and New Zealand to film stuff for this new web piece. Bevan is a pegless rider, but that does not mean he doesn’t jump on rails. He also likes going fast and pulling gaps and stuff.
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S&M Bikes BTM Frame In Trans Gold And Trans Sky Blue

Mike Hoder’s signature BTM frame from S&M Bikes now comes in this super rad and super dope colorway. They put together two colors you usually don’t see so close together, trans gold and trans sky blue. Go wild now.
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S&M Bikes Widemouth Pitchfok

S&M Bikes is proud to introduce you the Widemouth version of their existing Pitchfork XLT fork. The main difference you will find on the Widemouth, as the name says, is the wider tire clearance for all your super fat tires and to fit in their Mainline 2.425 tire and stronger dropouts are for grinds and stuff.

Dia De Los Muertos Jam

This Friday, November 1st, 2013, go to The Building (1300 S. Lyon, Santa Ana, CA) for the Dia De Los MUertos Jam. Don’t forget to dress up, because the best costumes will will get hooked up.