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S&M Race XLT Bars Now In 8.25″

S&M Bikes is introducing you their tallest ever race handlebar, the Race XLT bar, that now comes in 8.25″ with 8 degrees back sweep and 4 degrees up sweet. These bars are 28.5″ wide, weight 1.6 lb (0.73kg) and are available in black and white. Oh, the chrome version will be dropping soon.

Rok Krivec Bike Check

I just received a fresh new S&M package with the all new Hucker frame and Coxie Director seat. Threw the new bike together, took it to the roof, shot a few photos and here it is now, the bike that I will be riding in the 2013. Big thanks to S&M Bikes, Animal Bikes and of course Evolution BMX to make everything come true. Thanks guys.
Find out more photos and parts list after the jump.
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S&M Bikes – Credence C.C.R. & M.O.D. Frames Promo & Out Now

We know S&M Bikes are doing one hell of a USA made frames, all by their hands of course, and I know that Clint Reynolds, even if not showing that too much, is really stoked to get S&M Bikes’ support to get his Credence (a project of his, that was started about six years or so ago) frames back. This is a promo to announce that the new C.C.R. (Clint’s Signature) and M.O.D. (Matty Aquizap’s and James P. Nutter’s signature) frames and the Credence 8.7″ bar are out now and ready to shred. There is also some sweet trails riding from Clint himself, Matty Aquizap and James P. Nutter. I like the idea of giving every frame out with a stencil, so the word of S&M Bikes and Credence can be spread and sprayed around the world pretty easy. But be careful, do not spray your fingers, or your mom will be mad.
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S&M Bikes – Drew Jackson

Oklahoma City rider Drew Jackson, the founder of the We Have Motive site (which you need to check) filmed a new edit for his sponsor S&M Bikes. Tons of style went down on the streets and parks. Enjoy.
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Evolution BMX – Rok Krivec

Evolution BMX: Rok Krivec-Evolution BMX from Evolution BMX on Vimeo.

I didn’t filmed an edit for a year now, because of all the crazy stuff that went down during the past year and a pretty bad knee injury. But here I am now, back (not fully healed), with a new edit that Luka Kovic from Evolution BMX and myself filmed in the local indoor skatepark in Ljubljana, Slovenia over January and February.
I need to thank Evolutuon BMX, Animal Bikes and S&M Bikes for all the support!
I would also like to thank Carhartt for all the support I got from them over the past few years.
Thanks guys!
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Aleksi Ritsilä For S&M Bikes

Aleksi Ritsilä doing thing he likes best, riding flatland on his S&M Intrikat bike.
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S&M Bikes “Shoot The Moon”

“S&M proudly presents the first video of 2010. This video is all about having a good time and what we experience while we are out riding. This is what happens when you get Hoder on the streets. Live fast ride faster!”S&M Bikes.
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S&M Bikes Hallowiener Jam 2011

“This is what happens when you put a bunch of riders in a cage with sketchy ramps, beer & and BMW to f*ck up. Thanks to everybody who came through and we hope to see your ass at our next party!”S&M.
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Hallowiener Jam

Top 5’s With Cameron Wood

Up on S&M you can find top 5’s with Cameron Wood. Top 5 tricks, worst things that get on his tires, best types of food and many more.