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S&M “I Wanna Live” – Randy Brown

S&M continues to drop more sections from their old videos. This time they dropped Randy Brown’s section from the “I Wann Live” video from back in 2008. I remember watching this exact section from about 3425 times and still after so many time, I really love watching it again. Randy has style, has skills and is not afraid of going big. Just look at that insane 360 rail hop at the end.
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S&M “Please Kill Me” – Josh Stricker Section

Guys over at the S&M uploaded another section from their Please Kill Me video and this time it is the Josh Stricker section. Josh went really wild in here, high speed, big gaps, insane wallrider and much much more. This is classic, but it is still such an amazing watch.
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Arrash Saidi Bike Check

S&M Bikes threw together this quick eight photos long flip book to show you Arrash Saidi’s current Credence MOD setup. Flip through it.

S&M – Isaac Barnes 2013 Edit

Isaac Barnes 2013 from S&M Bikes on Vimeo.

Isaac Barnes took it easy this year to recover from all the wrist surgeries and when he finally recovered he hit up spots around Edmonton, Calgary and Ontario this past summer and did enough good stuff for this fresh new and solid S&M web piece.
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Victor Martin – S&M Credence “MOD” Experience

Victor Martin “Wini” – S&M Credence Mod experience. from 4130 BikeCompany on Vimeo.

Victor Martin aka Wini testing out his newly built S&M Credence “MOD” setup at the local skatepark, while Yoni Cadenas was there for him to transfer all those solid moves onto a tape. Hit it.
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S&M Cymbal Hubguards Promo With Fathead

Fathead was recently on a vacation in the USA, but is now back home in the UK. While over there he put on the new S&M Bikes Cymbal hubguards, front, read and driveside version, and test them out on smooth Long Beach ledges and on UK castles. These are a strong piece of metal and a great addition to your bike.
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S&M X Revolt BMX Halloween Jam

This past weekend there was a pretty wild Halloween Jam in the parking lot of S&M, hosted by Revolt BMX and S&M. Tons of people came, tons of costumes, crazy riding, funny stuff and more. You better start pressing the play button.

Fathead And Sharkbite Installing Fathead 8.5″ Bar

You can never go wrong with a new Fathead web edit and what’s even better, let it be riding or just some random stuff, Fathead will always make you laugh. Check this very precise installment of his signature handlebar from S&M on Sharkbite’s bike.
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Mike Hoder S&M “Hoder High” Bars Promo

Mike Hoder changing his old S&M Bikes signature Hoder handlebars with the new one, the higher one, the Hoder High bars. The geometry is pretty much the same as the “smaller” version, just that these are 9″ tall. Hoder spray paint the grips, tightens bolts and puts bar to test on the streets. Filmed and edited by Nic Gironda.
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S&M Cymbal Hub Guards Out Now

S&M’S American-made 4130 4Q baked steel hub guards, the Cymbals, are in stock now. You can choose between three different versions, the drive side Cymbal, the rear Cymbal or the front Cymbal. Rear come in 14mm and front in 3/8″ and in two different color options, black or silver. They all have a low profile shape and fit universally, they come with adjustment washers.