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Jimmy Levan Back On S&M

Jimmy Levan has been representing S&M from 1991 to 1996, when he left to ride for Huffy. If you already searched the new S&M page, you saw that now they added Jimmy back on the team. Hopefully we will be seeing some new footage from him in the near future.

Clint Reynolds S&M Ad

This is S&M’s latest print ad featuring one crazy high air over the trails from Clint Reynolds. You will be seeing this id in the latest issue of the Ride BMX magazine.

Limited Edition S&M Intrikat Frame

Since everyone was really stoked on Chad Johnston’s limited edition white Intrikat setup that S&M was showing at Interbike, they decided to do a limited run of this color in 19″, 19.5″, 20″ and 20.5″ top tube lengths. I’m not into white frames, but this one looks pretty sweet to me.

S&M “Salt Lake Shake” – Randy Brown

This was actually uploaded on vimeo nine months ago, but it is now we are posting it up here. This is Randy Brown’s footage from S&M’s “Salt Lake Shake” and all I can say is that this is so damn good. Randy has such a crazy style of riding, not much tricks, but everything looks really good and wild. Check it out.
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S&M – John Garcia

S&M Bikes’ French connection John Garcia is here with some fresh new heat. John has an awesome style, that includes gaps, fast plants, back wheel moves, turndowns, grinds and much more. This edit is packed with goodness, so click play above and enjoy.
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New S&M Site

S&M launched a new web site, that includes all their latest products and stuff. If you are searching the web everyday for new web edits and other news, you sure came to the site that has pretty much the same layout, that now S&M has. Now go and check the page here.

S&M “Blind In Texas” – Mike Hoder

Guys over at S&M decided to get Mike Hoder’s section from Blind In Texas on the web, so you can watch Mike doing 360s, gaps, manuals and just riding wild stuff. The main thing in this edit is definitely the huge 360 over El Toro.
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New S&M B.T.M. Frame Colors

S&M added two now rad colorways to Mike Hoder’s signature B.T.M. frame. This frame now also comes in trans sky blue (above) and moondust lime (below). If you feel like having a little different setup, then these colors are a great option.

Peter Olsen Welcome To S&M

Peter Oslon is the newest addition to the S&M flatland team through 1664 Distribution. This welcome edit he filmed has some of the craziest flatland riding I have ever seen, especially when it comes to those cross-footed moves. Must see.
“After watching this video you’ll probably notice Peter’s on another level with his physical skills, what’s not so obvious is the mental aspect of his riding- he’s very cerebral and conceptual and we’re stoked to see what he comes up with next. This collection of clips offers a brief glimpse into what’s going on in his world. One of the things I noticed is the fact that his shoes never touch a tire. PGO also has some of the most creative, cleanest pivots in the game. Welcome aboard Peter!”– Chad Johnston
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S&M Tie Dye Stencil T-Shirt

S&M got a fresh new T-shirt in, the Tie Dye Stencil T-shirt, for you guys to look good. You will definitely look fresh and colorful with this one, so click here and get your hands on it.