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Johnny Devlin Going Fast For S&M

Johnny Devlin built himself up a new S&M ATF setup some time ago and has been working on this piece ever since. We do not see much of Johnny stuff on the web, but every time he drops a new web edit it blows us away and this one is no different. Fast pedalling, gaps, rails and creativity, this is what Johnny is all about. Must see.
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S&M – Mike Hoder In Mexico

S&M’s Mike Hoder traveled south of the border to hang out with the Mexicali locals, to give away some free stuff and to bring out his crazy brakeless, pegless style of riding. Plenty of pegless grinds in here, definitely worth checking out.
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Derek Dorame Bike Check

Here is a two photo-flip-book, where one photo is showing Derek Dorame’s S&M ATF whip and the other Derek nailing down a tuck no-hander. A sweet looking black machine Derek has.

Andrew Schubert Bike Check

Here is a flip-book showing you Andrew Schubert’s current white Hucker setup. Andrew hails from Calgary, Alberta and is representing S&M through 1664 Distribution and if you wanna find out a little more about this guy, hit S&M and read the article.

New S&M Tank Top And T-Shirt

If you are looking to gear yourself up and look good in front of the ladies, S&M now has new goods for you. As you can see above, one is Mike “Hucker” Clark’s tank top and the other is Mike Hoder’s Ring T-shirt.

New S&M Handlebar – Elevenz Bar

And it is true, S&M once again made a big step further in rising their already existing Perfect 10 bar for one more inch, to make the Elevenz bar. Yep, this bar is 11″ tall, 30″ width and features 3° upsweep, 11° back sweep, weight 2.73lbs and is mad eout of 4130 CrMo. This is one hell of a handlebar and if you are one hell of a dude, this one could be the one for you. I can not even imagine how this thing feels in your hands, but I am sure big. Now go crazy or go home.

The 11″ Rise S&M Handlebar

OK, this is getting ridiculous now, but if someone has balls to do it it is S&M and no one else. The uploaded to their Instagram a sneak peek photo of the drawing of their new and upcoming 11″ rise handlebars. There is no more info on these beasts yet, but expect a photo of the final product very soon. This like this are making me speechless, really.

Kareem Williams On S&M

If the S&M site says it right, Kareem William is from now on part of their team and will be supported with their apparel and parts. I am sure there will be more sad about this news in the near future.

S&M A.T.F. Frames For 22″ And 24″ Wheels

Yep, you read it right. The S&M A.T.F. will now be also available in two more wheel options, 22″ and 24″, for all you who think 20″ or 18″ is too small for you. These are available now, so hit your local shop or favorite mail order and get yourself the size you want.

S&M X The Albion – Holding The Room With Alex “Fathead” Barton-Holme

S&M dropped almost eight minutes of behind the scenes from shooting an interview with Alex Holme-Barton aka Fathead for his The Albion interview. Do I even need to comment anything else, it is Fathead and if you know this guy, you kinda know what to expect, high pops, super clean whips, grinds and tons and tons of funny stuff.
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