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S&M Please Kill Me Full Video

Hell yeah. S&M’S fifth full length video, Please Kill Me, is now on Youtube and ready for you to watch it. This awesome and classic video, that was released by in 2004 features Josh Stricker, Adam Baker, Amos Burke, Martin Lotterle, Bob Scerbo, Vic Ayala, Brian Wizmerski, Rob Darden and Matt Beringer. It was filmed and edited by Bob Scerbo and Brian Wizmerski. Must watch.
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2013 Ramp Jam

If you would like to hang out with S&M and Fit riders Mike “Hucker” Clark, Shawn McIntosh, AJ Anaya, Jared Swafford, Juan Guerrero, Justin Spriet and Nick Tarrant, you better go to the Sierra Bike Works in San Bernardino, California, tomorrow, Saturday, May 4th. Check full flier after the jump.
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Source BMX 10th Anniversary Products

2013 is Source BMX’S tenth anniversary and to celebrate it in style they made a very limited edition run of S&M ATFids frames in yellow and Fit X Source Benny Lewis 4 piece bars in black. Find out more on their page, but have in mind, when these will be sold out, they are gone forever.

Johnny Devlin Bike Check

Johnny Devlin built himself a fresh new S&M ATF bike with Credence bars and Pitchfork XLT forks along with some Shadow Conspiracy parts, making it an all black bike. Check his whip above.

S&M Drive Side Cymbal Sneak Peek

This is a sneak peek that S&M dropped of their new drive side Cymbal sprocket. This sprocket is made out of 4130 chromoly and all I can say, after running the original version for several months now, is that it will be strong as hell. More news to drop.

Mike Hoder Bike Check

Above is a flipbook showing you guys Mike Hoder’s signature S&M BTM setup in trans blue and size 21.25″. You know this bike is strong as hell and made to last. If it holds Hoder, it holds the whole world.

S&M Shield Seat Sneak Peek

Here is a sneak peek of the new S&M Shield seat that should drop at your local shop or favorite mail order very soon. Well, if you’re not into pivotal and you love rails, this is prefect for you.

S&M – Keith Hartwell’s SoCal Edit

Two days ago we posted Keith Hartwell’s section from the S&M’S Q.P. Vol. 4 and today we are posting a fresh new one, he filmed around some concrete, trails and streets of Southern California. Keith flies high in the sky and isn’t scared of clearing big drops, like that last one. Filmed and edited by Julio Cambera.
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S&M “Salt Lake Shake” – Keith Hartwell

Keith Hartwell will be coming out with a new web edit, so to tease you out a little bit, S&M dropped his Q.P. Vol. 4 part from Salt Lake Shake. Keith goes high in the sky, loves cruising around skateparks, flowing trails and finding all kind of wild lines.
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22″ S&M Holmes Vs 22″ Faction Amero

If you are one of the tallest guys, who aren’t feeling very comfy with the 20″ bikes, Shawn Shimkets did a really detailed review of the 22″ S&M Holmes bike and 22″ Faction Amero from the UK. I am not that tall, but I would still love to give these bikes a try, they just look so much fun.
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