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S&M Credence Ad

Clint Reynolds, James P. Nutter and Matty Aquizap all appeared on S&M’s latest print ad that you can find in the Dig magazine. BMXing, skateboarding and filming all at once. So good.

S&M – Dean Manson Edit

S&M’s Australian connection through Stowaway, Dean Manson shreds skatepark, indoors and outdoors, and trails and everything he does, he does with style. Get a little brake from all the technical street edits or wild promos and watch this beauty. Filmed and edited by Flagz Matthews.
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Cam Wood Bike Check

S&M dropped a bike check with Matt Beringer yesterday and since Cam Wood was on the trip with Matt, they decided to get a quick bike check done with Cam also. Here you have it in a flipbook above and when you are done with checking that whip out, make sure you watch his Killjoy Rising edit one more time.

Matt Beringer Bike Check

S&M got a chance to shot a few photos of Matt Beringer’s current whip to get a bike check done while he and Cam were in California this past weekend. Classic.

S&M “Please Kill Me” – Brian “Wiz” Wizmerski

Ryan Howard dropped another section from the S&M’S Please Kill Me video featuring Brain Wizmerski aka Wiz. This was filmed in time when Wiz still had dreadlocks, but his style was already pretty crazy and fast. I think this part got me into doing icepick 180s.
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S&M – CJ Arnold’s Nor-Cal Shred

S&M rider CJ Arnold shredding streets, parks and trails around Nor-Cal. Looks like CJ still has problem’s with his shoulder, but I think a little pain won’t stop him from doing what he loves best. Filmed and edited by Matt Freiheit.
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S&M “Please Kill Me” – Vic Ayala

Ryan Howard uploaded a section from S&M’s “Please Kill Me” video, that I remember so good, just like it was yesterday that it dropped. I was a really big fan of Vic Ayala and his riding back in the day and watched all his sections and edits over and over again.
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S&M Patch Beanie Available Now

If you feel your head cold these new S&M Patch beanies might be the right choice to keep it warm. These come in two different colors, black and orange, and you can order them straight from the S&M online shop.

S&M – Jeff Robertson Edit

S&M Bikes rider Jeff Robertson recently spent a few day in Las Vegas, where he met up with Dalton Cambell and filmed this quick web edit for his sponsor. The edit is only 45 seconds long, but includes some proper stuff.
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S&M – Fathead Is Better Than You

To celebrate the release of Fathead’s signature S&M handlebar, he teamed up with Coxie, hit up some England and Barcelona street and filmed this edit, which really made my day. This guy is so funny and he can pop ridiculously high. Must see.

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