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S&M Shield Wrap Enduro Stem

S&M got in fresh shield wrap Enduro top load stems in three different sizes, 49, 52 and 55 (all 30 rise) and of course made in the USA. Hit your local shop or favorite mail order to get your hands on this one.

Fathead Bike Check

We posted a sneak peek of Fathead’s signature S&M handlebar yesterday, and now you can get a better look at it over on the 4Down web site and also check all the rest of the parts he is running on his bike and read a short interview.

S&M Fathead Bar Sneak Peek

S&M dropped a sneak peek of their new and upcoming signature handlebar from their UK rider and on hell of a funny guy, Alex Barton-Holme aka Fathead. The should actually be out today, but no official announcement yet, but I am sure Fathead has something in the work for us.

Mike “Hucker” Clark S&M Ad

S&M Bikes’ latest print ad featuring Mike “Hucker” Clark promoting his signature Hucker frame. No crazy nose dived 360 one-footers, but just a ‘simple’ bar ride at The Building. This version of the shield sure looks cool.

S&M Credence M.O.D. Frame

S&M Credence M.O.D. frame is a slightly different version of the C.C.R. frame and James P. Nutter’s and Matty Aquizap’s signature frame. The main difference between the M.O.D. and the C.C.R. is the steeper head tube angle and the chain stay length. This frame has 74.5° and C.C.R. has 74.25° and a 13.6″ chain stay length and C.C.R. has 13.9″, other than this, frames are pretty much the same.

Louie “Bambi” Mire S&M Ad

Louie Mire aka Bambi boosting some air, while wearing sunglasses for this new S&M print ad that you will found in the Dig magazine. What do you think, is this a one foot table or is it a 270 one foot table?

New S&M Beanie

If you are cold in your head and you don’t have anything to put on, S&M made these beanies for only $10 at all your favorite shops. You can wear it like this or flip it over and be a sailor man.

Josh Stricker Off S&M

OK, what the hell is happening out there, this is now really confusing me. I didn’t expect so many changes in the world of sponsorships. Josh Stricker announced that he parted ways with his long time sponsor S&M.

S&M – Drew Jackson In North Texas

Most of this edit was filmed in early fall around street and trails spots and also some backyard ramps of Denton, Texas. Drew Jackson is doing it for his sponsor S&M and he fits in the team perfectly. Filmed and edited by Alex Hammett.
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James White Welcome To S&M

It was announced two days ago that James White has joined S&M’s flatland team and here he is with a welcome to the team edit. This edit is full of amazing moves and really clean filming and Johnny Cash in the background, what makes everything even better. Click play and enjoy, I am sure you will.
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