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James White On S&M

Flat Matters dropped the official news that James Foster will be representing S&M through 4Down Distribution in the UK. For now James will be ripping Chad Johnston’s signature Intrikat frame in white.

S&M – Derek Dorame Edit

I don’t actually know how was this up for two months now and I haven’t seen it before or why has it been locked fro so long. Well here it is now and it is good as heel. S&M’s Derek Dorame has rad style with tricks that will definitely impress you, especially the last move. Didn’t knew this kid is capable of pulling that so clean. Enjoy.
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Revenge ARC Rims

S&M just dropped the news that they got the new Revenge ARC rims in. Revenge already has some single and double wall rims available on Fit completes, but the ARC rim is the first after market, sleeved and welded no holds barred rim offering from the company. You will be able to lace these rims on the upcoming Profile/S&M shield wrap hubs soon. More info here.

S&M – Dan Closser Final Lynnwood Trails Footage

Make sure you watch this edit of Dan Closser that is made of the footage filmed at the Lynnwood trails, that were torn down this past year. I know how much it sucks when you put a lot of work into something and at the end everything collapses. Enjoy.
“I’ve wanted to film an edit with Dan Closser ever since I first rode with him years back. I gotta say Dan is one of the smoothest riders around. His silent bike and dialed trail skills actually make it hard to film him. You can never hear when he’s coming down the line! We all had a rough fall this year losing our spot Lynnwood, so this edit has a deeper meaning that most would know. But one thing is for sure, Dan killed every line there, and this edit highlights that.
Big deep heart felt thank you goes out to all Shovel and the Lynnwood locals that helped make that place what it was. This project wouldn’t have been possible without all of you!
Also a shout out to Kurt, Project, and Cale at Solstice, the Dart locals and Black Diamond!”
– Taylor Deschaine
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S&M – Mike Hoder & Jose Castillo

Mike Hoder and Jose Castillo doing it for S&M Bikes on the streets of New York. From some grind moves from Jose to gaps and manuals from Hoder. I am sure you will go “WTF?!?!” after the first Hoder clip.
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TSG Kraken Helmet Review W/ Drew Jackson

Sidewall Distribution and S&M rider Drew Jackson review the new TSG Kraken helmet and lays down all bunch of cool skatepark and street moves. If you are looking for a new helmet, watch this first, maybe this one is the right one for you.

S&M Holiday T-Shirts

This time Cameron Wood is the model, to show you all the new holiday T-shirts from S&M. They have all bunch of new stuff to offer that you can order straight from their online store.

S&M Motley Crew In Stock Now

The all new S&M Motley crews are in stock now and ready for the cold winter days, to keep you warm and able to ride your bikes. Get a better look at it on this link and remember, don’t freeze outside.

S&M Mike “Hucker” Clark Frame Out Now

After almost a year in development, Mike “Hucker” Clark’s signature S&M frame is finally available. This frame features a 75° head tube angle, 71° seat tube angle, 13.3″ chainstay length, 8.8″ standover height and 11.7″ bottom bracket height. The frame is available in four different sizes (20.5″, 20.75″, 21″ and 21.25″) and comes in trans matte black and copper and wights 4.86 lbs (2.15 kg). For more info and photos click here.

Fit, S&M & United Warehouse Sale

This upcoming Saturday, December 8th, the big warehouse sale is happening at The Building. If you are looking to get yourself or your bike freshed up with some Fit Bikes, S&M or United apparel and parts, than you definitely need to go over there. All the info can be found on the flier above.