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Solid Bikes – Gerald Norman 2013 Edit

Gerald Norman going solid on the streets for his 2013 edit for Solid Bikes. That feeble grind to hop over to manual was damn rad and so were a few other moves also. Hit it.
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Solid Bikes 2013 Edit

I decided to end the day with one more video that I just came over. We haven’t seen much from Solid Bikes for a while, so I am sicked to get something new from their riders. Nick Black, Werm, Cody Bowers and Kurtis Elwell shredding trails, skateparks and of course street spots and all came out hot with hot moves. Hit it.
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Solid Bikes – Tristan Adams At Avalon Trails 2013

All you trails riders out there, here is something for you. Solid Bikes rider Tristan Adams recently hit the Avalon trails to get some riding done and to film some new stuff for his sponsor. here is now the final product ready for your to check out.
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Solid Bikes X LMB – Tanner Easterla 2013 Edit

While spending some time in the Santa Barbara, Tanner Easterla shot enough clips for this Solid Bikes and Lil Mikey Beeswax edit. Kid has grinds and spins on lock and knows how to mix both together.
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Solid Bikes – Stephan Perjanik Edit

Felipe Gonzalez was sitting on a bunch of clips, from Solid Bikes’ Stephan Perjanik, for about two years now, that were filmed around Sacramento, Santa Cruz, Fresno and Livermore and now decided to put them together. These clips sure aren’t for trash.
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Dave Thom – Never Seen 2004 Solid Bikes Edit

This is nine years old and came out just now, how is that even possible? Rad and crazy stuff like this should go live immediately. Dave Thom’s edit filmed in 2004 for Solid Bikes. This one is insane, includes some big rails, tailwhips, backflip no-footers and even a decade. That backflip attempt is so gnarly.
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Solid Bikes – Tristan Adams #2 Edit

Solid Bikes’ very stylish rider Tristan Adams is out with a new web edit that he has been working on through the months between November 2012 and January 2013. I think this is a pretty good good night story, that you can show your kids. One trick that I really didn’t expected is barspin. Hard to believe, right?
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Solid Bikes – Cody Bowers

Cody Bowers hitting street of California for a new Solid Bikes edit with guest clips from Jase Knack, Worm and Ian Munro. Great music, great riding.
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Solid Bikes “Keep It Whisk”

I think I will stay with their comment:
“Solid Bikes don’t need an introduction they keep it whisk from the bay to Az, regi tooth up rail, tireslides, monkey plants and
good times!”
– CodyBowers
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Solid Bikes Tristan Adams

Solid Bikes Tristan Adams from Tristan Adams on Vimeo.

“T-Pain goes hard in the streets and at his local ramp and skatepark. This edit is full of mind boggling tech and nose wheelie wizardry, but I think the most amazing thing in this video was the fact that I saw Tristan wearing pants.”Solid.