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Matt Priest Going With Style Around California

If you like Californication television series, then you will sure like some BMX style Californication featuring English styler Matt Priest. Source BMX and Verde teamed up and send Matt West Side to escape the bad English weather. If your country sucks and you have bad weather all the time, took a trip to California, there is a really good chance you will have sun all the time. Watch Matt Priest above as he shreds concrete skateparks, pools, trails and ditches and makes everything look so gorgeous. It is always a treat watching Priest ride and this one is no different. I really wish this was a little bit longer. These four and a half minutes pass by like seconds. After a made this post go live I will definitely give it another watch. Maybe I blinked and missed something, who knows. Enjoy.
Filmed and edited by Johnny Elia.
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Source BMX “Edits” DVD Trailer

Sourcebmx Edits DVD Trailer from Source bmx on Vimeo.

Usually web edits, even if they are amazingly good, they are forgotten with years and I think Source BMX is doing a good job with putting a DVD together that will include edits from their riders, that dropped over the course of past two years. Kriss Kyle, Matt Priest, Ben Lewis, The Fids and many more will be featured in the video and if you watched 30% of all the edits, you know you would be dying to get you hands on a copy.
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Source BMX – Matt Priest 2013 Edit

Matt priest Sourcebmx 2013 from Source bmx on Vimeo.

What a treat to watch. This new Matt Priest edit for his sponsor Source BMX has everything, street riding, park riding and trails riding, along with tons of style, roof drops, over-the-fence gaps, nose manual lines and much much more amazing stuff. I am quite sure every single one of you out there will love this one.
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Source BMX – Kriss Kyle 2013 Edit

It is time for Kriss Kyle show. The Source BMX rider Kriss filmed this new piece over the course of summer of 2013 at Kelvingrove, Livingston, Stirling, Renfrew and Saughton skateparks in Scotland and nailed down some really heavy riding. All you who now Kriss and follow his riding know this is going to be wild. But the song?
Filmed and edited by Dave Sowerby.
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Source BMX – Fids ATFids Frame Promo

Sick promo from Fids for his signature Source BMX X S&M ATF frame ATFids. Fids murders trails in here and pulls a few nothings, 360s and other stunts. I still think Fids has one of the best nothings in the game and if you think I am wrong, I don’t really care. Make sure you check this limited edition frame on Source.
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Source BMX “Normal” DVD

Normal is Source BMX’S third full length video and it is now on the web, ready for your enjoyment. It was filmed all over Europe from 2010 to 2011 and includes riding from Tom Gerrard, Chris Wiseman, Charlie Fergusson, Wildcat, Ben Bishop, Phil Martin, Josh Heritage and Marc Goodwin. If you are chilling at home, don’t wait, press the play button above and enjoy this a little less than thirty minutes long video.
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Source BMX – 10 Years Anniversary Party

Official video from the Source BMX 10 years anniversary party. We have already seen one, but I don’t mind watching another one. All bunch of riders were there shredding the course and the most awesome thing was seeing Fids pulling a backflip over a jump box. Dude still shreds.
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Source BMX 10 Year Anniversary Jam Highlights

More BMX Videos
These are the highlights from the recent Source BMX 10 Year Anniversary Jam, made by guys over at Ride UK. The turnout was big and as you will see, plenty of good moves went down. Highlights: vader burner toothpick hangover (can you imagine?) and the 540 over a jump boc backwards.
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Source BMX 10th Anniversary Products

2013 is Source BMX’S tenth anniversary and to celebrate it in style they made a very limited edition run of S&M ATFids frames in yellow and Fit X Source Benny Lewis 4 piece bars in black. Find out more on their page, but have in mind, when these will be sold out, they are gone forever.

The Source 10 Year Party

On Sunday, May 5th, Source BMX is throwing down a party to celebrate their tenth anniversary. You guys mark your calendars and go over there cause it’s definitely going to be fun. For updates follow event’s Facebook page.