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Spencer Foresman Self-Filmed / Self-Edited Edit

Spencer Foresman filmed and edited this awesome new edit all by himself and it came out really good. Back in the day, this self filmed and edited edits were really bad, but nowadays, rider put a lot of work into making it happen and we saw quite a few really good ones. I need to mention that unreal trampoline clip… so good.
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Spencer Foresman And Friends Park Mix

Spencer Foresman recently bought himself a GoPro and managed to film this edit with it over the course of a few sessions at backyard ramps and local skateparks with Roy Taveras and Eric Diaz. It looks dogs are scared of nose manuals.

Spencer Foresman 2013 – 2013 Edit

Spencer Foresman didn’t had the bast of luck last year with injuries, that kept him off of the bike for a few months. He recently returned, fully recovered and managed to finish with filming for this new web edit. Spencer has 180 tailwhips on lock and all bunch of other crazy combos and lines.
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Brett Rohlfing’s Best Of 2012

Brett Rohlfing was a really busy guy over the past year, filming stuff for various projects for Ride BMX, BMX Union, Freegun Underwear and many more. He went through all of his footage, picked the best and made this Best Of 2012 edit. Plenty of really good stuff in here.
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Spencer Foresman SPoT Edit

Here is a collection of clips that Brett Rohlfing gathered over the past year of Spencer Foresman at the skatepark of Tampa. There are a few clips in here from the past edits, but you will also see some fresh ones. The chainless fakie frontflip sure is wild.

Spencer Foresman’s Backyard Session

Spencer Foresman just built himself a backyard ramp setup and decided to threw down a session right away. Nice little setup on which Spencer went pretty crazy with 540 tucks, 540 barspins, double whips, nose bonk whips and even a 900. Enjoy.
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Spencer Foresman Edit

Spencer Foresman Edit from Zack Gerber on Vimeo.

Spencer Foresman’s new edit filmed around Tampa, FL area and Albany, GA with special guest clip from DeMarcus Paul.

Zack Gerber / Spencer Foresman Edit

Zack Gerber put a little edit together of him and Spencer Foresman riding in and around Tampa Area doing it for Get It Together crew. It’s all about the first trick. Enjoy.
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Spencer Foresman – Get Well Soon Spencer!

Get Well Soon Spencer! from sumyungguy on Vimeo.

Unfortunately Spencer Foresman had a really bad crash a few weeks ago that take him out of riding for a while. Here is a get well soon video.

Spencer Foresman Welcome To Scattered Bikes

Spencer Foresman from SCATTERED BIKES on Vimeo.

Spencer Foresman’s welcome to the Scattered Bikes team video. This is a short video but Spencer throws down a few big moves. Enjoy.