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Stas Shatilo For Etnies And Colony

Stas Shatilo is a Colony and Etnies ripper from Russia and this is his latest edit. Stas gets really serious when it comes to technical moves and if a barspin to nose to many to barspin in does not convince you to press that play button your are weird.
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Stas Shatilo On Colony

Stas Shatilo is Colony’s newest flow rider from Moscow, Russia and they sure are stoked to have him apart of the family. I don’t know if we will be seeing the welcome to the team edit, anyway, you can check out his team page, to find out a little more about this guy, right here.

Raen BMX – Stas Shatilo

???? ?????? ???? from Maxx LS on Vimeo.

Stas Shatilo is doing it for Colony through Russian bmx shop Raen. Here he rides his local park.