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Deft Family – TJ Ellis At Stay Strong Compound

Deft Family spent an afternoon with TJ Ellis at the Stay Strong Compound to film stuff for your viewing pleasure and to talk with TJ about crashing. I know he didn’t pulled it but still, the backflip superman to tailwhip attempt was the sickest. Filmed and edited by Ryan Walters.
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Getting Awesome – SoCal Double Dirt Session With Ryan Nyquist

Ryan Nyquist flew to southern California to hit up his never-before-ridden set of trails in Heath Pinter’s backyard and also the sick Stay Strong Compound for this new episode of Getting Awesome. Riders like Hucker, TJ Ellis, Anthony Napolitan, Gary Young and other joined him on this wild day session. Ryan took a few slams, pulled some rad stuff and ended the day with a smile on his face.
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Bangers And Mash

This upcoming Saturday, May 11th, 2013, the Bangers and Mash event is happening at the Stay Strong Compound in Riverside, California. Some big stuff will be going on during the day, so it is pretty much a must if you live somewhere near.

Alli “My Five” – Larry Edgar

In this new episode of Alli Sports’ “My Five” interviews, they caught up with Larry Edgar at the Stay Strong Compound to talk about his favorite car, his plans for the summer, riding trails or ramps and more and filmed some stylish moves over the jumps.
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Cory Nastazio & Pat Casey 12-12-12 Bangers

Cory Nastazio and Pat Casey both went wild at the Stay Strong Compound for their 12-12-12 Bangers edit, which was filmed and edited by AJ Fox. Cory and Pat have so much trick and trick combos in their bag that it’s almost ridiculous to watch, because you never know what will come next.
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