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Stay Strong – Stephen Murray Skiing

Stephen Murray Skiing – Stay Strong from Stay Strong BMX on Vimeo.

Stay Strong’s Stephen Murray proving that nothing can stop you, not even skiing. Here he is a short clip from the Big Bear, California. One more thing to be sad along this clip, stay strong Stephen.
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Stephen Murray Staying Strong

Stephen Murray Staying Strong from Stay Strong BMX on Vimeo.

Stay Strong dropped another piece from Stephen Murray. From working hard in the rehab center, to visiting Cory Nastazio at the Nasty Show and later taking a trip to San Francisco for the Dew Tour. Stay strong Stephen.
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Stay Strong – Decoy X Murray Jam 2013

Another video highlights from the recent Murray Jam that went down in New Abbot at the Decoy bowl and trails are here, filmed and edited by Callum Earnshaw. It sure was a successful jam, with all the riders and all the stuff that went down. Enjoy.
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2013 Ride To Glory – Full Edits And Voting

The voting for the best 2013 Ride To Glory video starts now, but first you need to watch the videos, that you can find after the jump.
Premium, Stay Strong, United and Fox were the teams that all produce amazing videos, but it is now up to you to decide which team made the best possible video. Find out now.
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Larry Edgar For Stay Strong

This is pretty much mind blowing, for the riding side of view and from the filming and editing side of view. Larry Edgar serves with style, fast riding, big airs and tons of smooth stunts, while Dylan Pfohl is there, capturing everything on his camera and making one amazing web edit from Stay Strong. Oh and Johnny Cash is playing in the background what makes everything even better.
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Murray Jam 2013

On Sunday, August 25th, 2013 there is going to be a fundraising event going on an Newton Abbot, the Murray Jam 2013, to help raise funds for Stephen Murray. A lot of companies got together, so mark your calendars and go over there for fun times.

2013 Ride To Glory – Team Trailers

More BMX Videos
Oh look, this is a nice surprise. Ride UK will start with voting for your favorite 2013 Ride To Glory video on August 12th, but today they are releasing the team trailers. You can watch United’s above and Fox’s, Stay Strong’s, Vans’ and Premium’s below.

More BMX Videos

More BMX Videos

More BMX Videos

More BMX Videos
United: Dan Boiski, Luke Peeters, Tom Sanders, Jimmy Rushmore and Nathan Williams
Fox: Matt Priest, Lima, Leo Forte, Greg Illingworth and Russell Barone.
Stay Strong: Ben Wallace, Anthony Watkinson, Bob Manchester, Jordan Aleppo and Dan Bob.
Vans: Vince Mayne, Phil Aller, Pete Sawyer, Alex Donnachie and Gary Young.
Premium: Jordan Waters, Chris “Mole” Smith, Bran McNicol, Leigh “Sketch” James and Connor Lodes.
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Jordan Aleppo Stay Strong Ad

Jordan Aleppo with a really dope up double peg grind to nose manual to 180 line for Stay Strong’s latest print ad that can be found in the current issue of the Ride BMX magazine. You can watch the clip of this line in his latest web edit.

Stay Strong – Anthony Watkinson Edit

It is time for some fresh new footage from Stay Strong rider Anthony Watkinson. Originally this was a winter web edit, but since the weather was so bad, they finished it just now. Filmed around streets of Liverpool, UK and includes some really proper riding, full of pegs stuff and technical lines. The quick many to nose many to 180 over the net on a ping pong table was dope. Filmed and edited by Dylan Coltman.
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Stephen Murray Moves His Arms

Stephen Murray made a big step forward in his rehabilitation, what is the result of his extremely hard work and always having this motivation to never give up. Yep, Stephen moves his arms. Stay Strong Stephen.
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