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Fly Bikes Coastin – Behind The Scenes

Do you still remember the amazing three part Coastin video series from Fly Bikes? If you don’t, watch part one, two and three now, because it is ridiculously good. Now they dropped thirteen and a half minutes of behind the scenes which are as good as the original videos. Featuring Stefan Lantschner, Ruben Alcantara, Devon Smillie, Matt Roe, Kevin Kalkoff, Chris Finnigan and Courage Adams.

Frozen Bowl Session With Stefan Lantschner

There is never enough of Stefan Lantschner stuff on the web and even if something short like this one drops, it always makes me excited. Stefan has this amazing style of riding, not many tricks, but the final product is always a must watch. Filmed and edited by Lukas Kusstatscher.
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Fly Bikes Coastin Part 2

The second part of the amazing three part web series from Fly Bikes, called Coastin, just dropped and it is as amazing as the first one. Stefan Lantschner, Ruben Alcantara, Devon Smillie, Matt Roe, Kevin Kalkoff, Chris Finnigan and Courage Adams all came out with plenty of awesome stuff. The whole DIY idea is so sick. Enjoy.
Seen on TCU.
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Fly Bikes Coastin Part 1

The first part of three parts web series from Fly Bikes, called “Coastin” dropped and if you know anything about this brand and the riders that are featured in the project, you know it’s going to be good stuff only. Ruben Alcantara, Sergio Layos, Matt Roe, Devon Smillie, Chris Finnigan, Kevin Kalkoff, Stefan Lantschner and Courage Adams are the riders featured in it, filmed and edited by Lee Turner. Simply amazing. Seen on TCU.
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O Marsquino XII By Radio BMX Magazine

Video highlights, or maybe better sad, a documentary, from the twelfth edition of the O Marsquino competition in Vigo, Spain featuring Courage Adams, Stefan Lantschner, Kevin Kalkoff, Ruben Alcantara and many more. Some of the riders went super stylish, some big with tricks over jump box and third with technical moves. Brought to you by Radio BMX Magazine.
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Stefan Lantschner In Malaga Behind The Scenes

A quick behind the scenes from Stefan Lantschner’s time spent in Malaga, Spain at this amazing dirt spot, that you saw him riding in his welcome to Vans Shoes web edit. If you ever go to Malaga and you want to ride this fun looking spot, make sure you contact people over at the AGP BMX.
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Stefan Lantschner Welcome To Vans

Now this is something new. I didn’t knew Stefan Lantschner has left Nike. Well, he did and he already got a new shoe sponsor and it is Vans. I always enjoy watching Stefan ride, so much style and so much flow. Even if this guy is not a trick machine he always comes out with something damn amazing. You know you’ll love it.
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Sony Action Cam Mixtape

Diminik Wrobel from Woozy dropped this awesome mixtape video filmed all with Sony’s Action camera. The camera is something similar to a GoPro, small and quality. Action shots from riders like Simone Barraco, Stefan Lantschner (also riding MX), Adrian Malmberg, Kilian Roth, Moritz Nussbaumer and many more.
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Red Bull Design Quest Highlights

Highlights from all the Red Bull Design Quest videos featuring Simone Barraco, Anthony Perrin, Matthias Dandois and Stefan Lantschner, hitting various street spots throughout Italy.
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Red Bull Design Quest – The Story

The Red Bull Design Quest trip around Italy is over and when saw all the videos already, but if you are still asking yourself why did Anthony Perrin, Simone Barraco, Stefan Lantschner and Matthias Dandois went on this trip, above is the story behind it, with words from all four of them.
– Torino
– Milan
– Pescara And Bologna
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