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Eridan Clothing – Ledge Session

Eridan Clothing – #Hoodbuster: Ledge Session from Mirko Wakat on Vimeo.

Stefan Pauli, Alex Bär, Angelo Milius and Rene Przybylski built one regular flat ledge and one up flat ledge and threw a session down for the Eridan clothing. All threw at least of hot move, so hit play and check them out.
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34R Team On A Trip To BMX Worlds 2013

The 34R crew, consisting of Ondra Slez, Vilibald Vitek, Zdenda Pesek, Vita Kacha, Jakub Juza, Stefan Pauli, Danny Josa, Michal Teichman, Jan Hubka, Lukas Barta, Pavel Hyvnar and Kamil Feifer, took a trip to Cologne, Germany for the BMX Worlds event and this is a little documentary from their adventure.
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Cama’s The Album Video

This has been on the web for seven moths, but has caught my eye just now, better late than never. Cama is a crew of riders from Berlin, Germany, who has been pretty busy with stacking clips on the streets, skateparks and also trails for this video, titled as “The Album.” Watch some German power above. Featuring Paul Müller, Mario Mailahn, Benedikt Bagger, Philip Ritzmann, Maik Böhm, Tobias Körner, Sascha Herrmann, Paul Damerow, Stefan Pauli, Robert Neumann, David Weber, Jannik Vandrey and Benni Ajdari.

34R Summer Tour 2012

This past summer 34R send 16 riders on a thirteen days long road trip visiting Nass festival, Bristol Jam, Crucial Distribution, Herten Germany, Wicked Woods, Gs distribution and Bmx Worlds in Cologne. You’ll need to get comfy to watch this video, featuring Ondra Slez, Danny Josa, Fat Tony, Catfish, Big Daddy, Stefan Pauli, Vilibald Vitek, Zdenda Pesek, Kamil Feifer, Pavel Hyvnar, Lukas Barta, Michal Teichman, Mikolas Kafunek, Jarda Jörka, Pazli and David Lorenz, cause it has tons of good stuff.

34R “Free For Ride” BMX Team On The Road In Europe

“Roll with Free For Ride, better known as 34R, for a trip through Europe that lands them at the BMX Worlds in Germany. What starts in Ness, England goes to Bristol, England than finally over the border to Worlds in Koln, Germany. Look for Danny Josa, Kamil Feifer, Ondra Slez, Stefan Pauli, Vilibald Vitek and Zdenda Pesek. See what it is like to travel with the BMX team Free For Ride in this On The Road.”Alli

Stefan Pauli Quickie

Stefan Pauli recently spent some time in Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic. He went to this skatepark for a quick session where his friend Adam Tomasek captured some moves. He sure know how to throw a barspin catch barspin.

Eridan Clothing – Hood Sheep T Promo

Eridan Clothing: Stefan “Schlaulie” Pauli – Hood Sheep T from Mirko Wakat on Vimeo.

Mirko Wakat threw together this promo edit for Eridan Clothing’s Hood Sheep T shirt featuring Stefan “Schlaulie” Pauli riding this little indoor setup. Get more from Eridan here.
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Dirty Steel Industries – Stefan “Schlaulie” Pauli

Dirty Steel Industries – Stefan “Schlaulie” Pauli from on Vimeo.

Stylish Stefan Pauli aka Schlaulie is pulling some tricks at the RoofBMX in Berlin for Dirty Steel Industries. You’re definitely gonna enjoy it.
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One Day / One Spot / One Rider – Stefan Pauli

one day / one spot / one rider – Stefan Pauli from schlaulie on Vimeo.

Marc Reschke filmed Stefan Pauli’s one day edit at the Roof BMX Hall in Berlin to test his new camera.
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Stefan Pauli 2011 Edit

“After one year of filming some BMX-edits, I’m proud to present this edit of Stefan Pauli. We filmed some sessions in Berlin and Leipzig. Stefan is a really solid rider and it’s fun to film with this guy, because he’s always happy and pulls everything with the first tries.”- Mirko Wakat.
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