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Stay Strong – Stephen Murray Skiing

Stephen Murray Skiing – Stay Strong from Stay Strong BMX on Vimeo.

Stay Strong’s Stephen Murray proving that nothing can stop you, not even skiing. Here he is a short clip from the Big Bear, California. One more thing to be sad along this clip, stay strong Stephen.
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Stephen Murray Leg Movement!

Stephen Murray leg movement! from Stay Strong BMX on Vimeo.

I never put the “!” sign in the title on my own, but this time I needed to follow the original title, because this is, this is… speechless. It has been a really long road to recovery for Stephen Murray and after 6 years of extremely hard work, Stephen moved his legs. Yep, your heard it right, Stephen the freaking Murray moved his leg. I am really blow away and I pretty much don’t know what to say about it because I am so stoked and so happy for him right now. Stay Strong Stephen!
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Stephen Murray Staying Strong

Stephen Murray Staying Strong from Stay Strong BMX on Vimeo.

Stay Strong dropped another piece from Stephen Murray. From working hard in the rehab center, to visiting Cory Nastazio at the Nasty Show and later taking a trip to San Francisco for the Dew Tour. Stay strong Stephen.
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Stephen Murray And His Tobii PCEye Go

We have already seen a quick look at Stephen Murray’s eye tracking system he is using, called Tobii PCEye Go, but here is now a deeper look at what the system does. It helps Stephen regain some of his lost independence with using his eyes only. Go check it out and support Stephen and Stay Strong.
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Murray Jam 2013

On Sunday, August 25th, 2013 there is going to be a fundraising event going on an Newton Abbot, the Murray Jam 2013, to help raise funds for Stephen Murray. A lot of companies got together, so mark your calendars and go over there for fun times.

NineNineZeroFour BMX Video Official Trailer

The NineNineZeroFour video dropped years ago in a will to raise funds for Stephen Murray and they are now back with dropping it online to raise funds for the Athlete Recovery Fund. It is only $3, 38 minutes long and it includes riders like Mike Aitken, Ruben Alcantara, Chris Arriaga, Adam Banton, Jamie Bestwick, Jim Cielenci, Owain Clegg, Kye Forte, Jay Miron and many many more. This is cheap and you will do a really good job with your download and also witness some amazing riding from some of the biggest names in the scene.
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Stephen Murray Moves His Arms

Stephen Murray made a big step forward in his rehabilitation, what is the result of his extremely hard work and always having this motivation to never give up. Yep, Stephen moves his arms. Stay Strong Stephen.
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2013 Sheep Hills Jam Highlights

In May 2013, the Sheep Hills Jam went down at the trails in Costa Mesa, California, to raise funds for fellow BMX rider Mike Brown who went down hard. Stephen Murray, TJ Ellis, Mike “Hucker” Clark, Pat “Big Daddy” Laughlin and more came to shred and support Mike. For donations go to
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Stephen Murray Bangers And Mash Jam Highlights

Bangers and Mash jam took place at the Stay Strong Compound and was a fund raiser for Stephen Murray and also a celebration of Cory Nastazio’s birthday. Especially for Cory they built this massive dirt jump where all the main madness went down. TJ Ellis’ backflip tuck no-hander to tailwhip was insane.
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Session At Stephen Murray’s

Session at Stephen Murray’s – More BMX Videos

Pretty damn heavy session at Stephen Murray’s Stay Strong compound with Anthony Napolitan, Hucker, Brandon Dosch, Pat Casey, Fuzzy Hall, Jared Eberwein, Larry Edgar and more. Style for miles from all the riders and tons of really sick stunts. Enjoy.
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