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“13” Video Trailer

It looks like Steven Hamilton is working on a now video project called “13” and this is a trailer. It is going to be a nice mixture of BMX riding and skateboarding, so stay tuned.
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Steven Hamilton – Campus Life

You never know what to expect when a new Steven Hamilton edit drops on the world wide web. There can be weird and crazy stuff going on in it, or there can be BMX and nothing else. His Campus Life is the second option, BMX and nothing else. After so many years, I am still a big Hamilton fan, just one thing is what I miss in his riding, them freaking nose manuals.
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Steven Hamilton’s Sk8 Action

Did you know Steven Hamilton can also skate? Well, if you didn’t this is his latest video feature showing you people his classic and creative moves he has locked in on a skoateboard.
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Steven Hamilton – Selfie #9 And Metal Meltdown Videos

If there is one person on the planet this year who is really on fire, it is definitely Steven Hamilton. It is ridiculous how many stuff he already put out and it looks like nothing is really stopping him. Steven is the kind of guy who will ride everything and won’t complain if the spot is too small, not for bikes, or whatever people in today’s world are complaining about. No, he will shred everything and always came out with some creative stuff. Check them out.

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Steven Hamilton Animal Bikes Albion 15 Ad

Steven Hamilton hopping over rail into a bank for Animal Bikes’ latest print ad, which is features in the 15th issue of The Albion magazine. I really like all these colorful ads from Animal, changing the black and gold ones.

Steven Hamilton Animal Bikes Ad

Animal Bikes’ latest print ad featuring Steven Hamilton, promoting his signature aluminum and plastic pedals, that can been seen in the new Source BMX catalog. Photo was taken by Rob Dolecki.

Animal Bikes 2013 Interbike Ad

Animal Bikes’ Interbike print ad featuring Tom White, Dave Becher, Steven Hamilton and Jared Washington, that can be found in the latest issue of the Ride BMX magazine. If you are heading over to Vegas for the show, Animal will be throwing down their own party at the hotel nearby, showing all their latest parts and prototypes. If you want to be part of it, contact at, or simply find Tyrone Williams and get all the details.

Animal Bikes – End Of Summer 2013

To end the summer time in style Animal Bikes put together this really dope mix web video featuring pretty much their entire squad. Ben Lewis, Steven Hamilton, Zac Acosta, Clarky, Marv, Matt Miller, Ralph Sinisi, Oba Stanley, Garrett Hoogerhyde, Jeff Kocsis, Abdul Fofanah, Joey Piazza, Chase Dehart, Joe Niranonta, Tom White, Jared Washington, Tyrone Williams, Mike Rose, Ralphy Ramos, Mike Hoder, John Yon, Ryan Howard, Nigel Sylvester, Lino Gonzalez, Ryan Niranonta, Jack Maddock, Mark Gralla and Brendon Reith. Now you are asking how they featured all these riders in just two and a half minutes, well they did and it’s solid.
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Steven Hamilton – 10 Minutes In New Jersey

It is ridiculous how much Steven Hamilton is putting out lately and right after his thirteen minutes long Dyno Urban Assault Team video from last week, here is a nine minutes long video from New Jersey. Yes, as you might notice, this was not filmed in just ten minutes, but it is the length of the video that the title is describing. I always enjoy this guy shred, so keep em coming Steven, there will never be enough of the fresh footage.
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Steven Hamilton’s Dyno Urban Assault Team 2013 Edit

Thirteen minutes of Steven Hamilton footage? Why not, it is Steven and he has been really busy this year, always dropping fresh new stuff. He filmed all this for the relaunched Dyno Urban Assault team and I just know everyone will get stoked after watching it. You definitely should take 13 minutes of your life and watch this now.
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