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Tom Dugan And Van Homan In Hamburg

Tom Dugan and Van Homan visited Germany this year to hit the streets and skateparks and to film stuff for the new Fit video. Here is a behind the scenes video Freedom BMX put together about these two’s trip, that includes riding, random stuff, fun stuff and also words from both of them about the place and Stew Johnson.
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Blue Falcon Fly By

You can never go wrong with some fresh new stuff from Fit rider Brian Foster aka the Blue Falcon. Here is a flipbook, consisting of eight photos, shot by Stew Johnson, from Brian at the trails.

Dan’s Comp – Broc Raiford And Morgan Long At Ashbridges Bay Skatepark

Broc Raiford and Morgan Long having a warm up session at the Ahbridges Bay skatepark while on the recent trip to Toronto, ON Canada to film for the upcoming Dan’s Comp DVD. Filmed and edited by Stew Johnson. Guest clip by Chris Silva.
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How To Turndown With Van Homan

The legend, Van Homan, sat down with Stew Johnson to talk about the turndowns, how they need to be pulled along with some nice shots of the trick from Van pulling it at a few different spots. You know Van has these on lock, so hit play and hear from the best. Just to inform you, Dan’s Comp DVD is dropping later this year and with a heavy crew like Dan’s it is going to be madness I say, madness.
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S&M – James White At 2013 BMX Worlds

S&M Bikes’ English flatland rider James White getting things done at the 2013 BMX Worlds in Cologne, Germany. Stew Johnson was also there and filmed all these dope combos for a nice little web edit. Check out what James was able to nail down.
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Dan’s Comp Brook Run Skatepark Session

Dan’s Comp riders Stevie Churchill, Shane Weston, Morgan Long and Devon Smillie hit the Brook Run concrete skatepark in Dunwoody, Georgia to get a session down. Stew Johnson stood behind the camera filming all the best moments and here is the final product he came out with. Heavy crew of riders means a heavy web edit.
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Dan’s Comp – The Skate Escape With Devon Smillie

This new Stew Johnson edit for Dan’s Comp is pretty rad. It shows you Devon Smillie’s passion for both BMX riding and skateboarding and how skateboarding is an escape from being frustrated of riding. We can all tell that Devon’s riding is influenced by skating, tech lines, stylish and cruising around. Watch this guy getting some proper stuff done of two and four wheels.
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Brian Foster Video Bike Check

Stew Johnson met up with Fit’s Brian Foster to get a bike check done and to film some Austin, Texas trails shredding. This isn’t your normal bike check and this is exactly the things that makes it that much interesting. This is too good to skip it.
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Hoang Tran – Warming Up The Bench

Stew Johnson made a really good edit with Dan’s Comp’s team rider Hoang Tran. Hoang is one of those riders who won’t stop being productive, even if they injure themselves. This is exactly what happened on his trip to Oregon, he took a pretty bad crash trying this 360 over a steep volcano, that took him off the bike for the trip. For the rest of the trip he was shooting photos, that he enjoys so much, besides riding his bike.
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Fit Crew At Glendale Skatepark

Fit’s Tom Dugan, Dan Conway, Jarred Swafford and Troy Blair recently spent some time in Arizona with filmer Stew Johnson, where one of the stops was the Glendale concrete skatepark. All pretty much showed their amazing skills with a few standouts, but the last one is definitely one of the craziest.
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