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Stolen – Nico Cambon Edit

STOLEN : NICO CAMBON EDIT from Unleaded bmx on Vimeo.

Nico Cambon is a French Stolen rider through Unleaded and here is something fresh from him filmed at the 1936 indoor skatepark in Albi, France. This place was originally an old cinema, but they got it rebuilt into a skatepark. Pretty cool, huh. Filmed and edited by Clement Segade.
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Chris Brown Stolen Ad

Chris Brown riding this rad white rainbow ledge for Stolen’s latest print ad that you can fins in the 198 issue of the Ride BMX magazine.

Jackson Ratima Stolen Ad

Jackson Ratima with a fence style wall-ride for Stolen’s latest print ad that you can seen in the 197th issue of Ride BMX magazine.

Dan Kruk Stolen Ad

Dan Kruk clearing a super long rail, down many stairs, for Stolen’s new print ad, for the Ride BMX magazine, issue 196, promoting the Stratos top load stem. This stem is now available worldwide, so contact your local shop or favorite mail order and pick it up.

Glen Girbovan Stolen Ad

Massive barspin from Glen Girbovan for his first ever Stolen BMX print ad, to promote the Joint tire in brilliant blue colorway. You will be seeing this one in the 195th issue of the Ride BMX magazine.

Interbike 2013 By Ride BMX

Like I sad, the next few days will be pretty much all about Interbike 2013 and new products from all the brands that are on the market. Ride BMX present you short videos from brands like Subrosa, Stolen, United, Revenge Industries, S&M Bikes, Kink and Fit Bikes to show you all kind of different products they brought to the show. From Christian Rigal’s signature frame from United, to Simone Barraco’s new Noster frame and everything in between.
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Interbike 2013 By Vital BMX

FlyBikes at Interbike 2013 – More BMX Videos

Fly Bikes
The Interbike 2013 is on and the world wide web will be full of videos and photos showing you all the new stuff from all your favorite brands. Here are video from Vital BMX showing you guys new frames, sprockets, bars, cranks, forks, hub guards, hubs and other goodies from Fly Bikes, Subrosa, Shadow Conspiracy, Profile Racing, DK, Stolen and Kink. Hit read more and check out all the vids.
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Kurt Russell Stolen Print Ad, Ride 194

Stolen’s latest print ad featuring Kurt Russell pulling a 360 over the rail during their Canada trip, to promote the Flip hub and hub guard. This ad is featured in the Ride BMX issue 194 and the photo was taken by Joey Cobbs.

Morgan Long Stolen Ad

Stolen’s newest print ad that is featured in the Ride BMX magazine, issue 192, and features Morgan Long with a wallride and their Team 22 cranks. Photo taken by Wesley McGrath. If you wanna know more about these cranks, hit their product page and find out everything you need to know.

Stolen – Kurt Russell’s Unseen Footage

Felipe Gonzalez had all bunch of really good raw Kurt Russell footage that didn’t make it in the previous projects and where thrown together for Stolen. When there is a raw footage as good as this one I almost enjoyed it more that the original and edited piece. That moto cruiser is looking so much fun.
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