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Stress – Alexander Prokof’ev Scrap Edit

STRESS BMX – Alexander “G” Prokof’ev from STRESS on Vimeo.

Instead of throwing all the leftover footage away, they threw it together in this scrap edit. No music, just raw and solid clips from Stress’ Alexander Prokof’ev.
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Stress X Dante – Daan Van Wezel Edit

Daan van Wezel // Stress X Dante from STRESS on Vimeo.

Daan Van Wezel has been working on this web piece for a while now and he really killed it with it. Since Dante is shredding so hard he got hooked up with some Stress parts through Dante Distribution and he really deserves it. That gap to rail ride at the skatepark and last rail ride were sick.
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Stress Best Trick Jam

STRESS Best Trick Jam from STRESS on Vimeo.

Video highlights from the Stress Best Trick Jam, that went down during the XSA Backyard Jam. Russians are crazy guy and are not scared of riding big setups like this one is. Lot of serious stuff went down in here, so hit it and don’t miss it.
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Stress – Krasnodar Trip

STRESS \ Backyard Jam \ Krasnodar trip from STRESS on Vimeo.

Back in autumn Stress crew took a trip to Krasnodar, Russia for the annual XSA Backyard Jam and here is a video they managed to film during the contest and at local skateparks. 10 minutes of goodness just for you.

2014 STRESS Lookbook

Oleg Alexandrov from STRESS hit me up with their 2014 lookbook showing you guys what products they will have in store for you. He sad there are two version of the lookbook, the censored and the uncensored and of course I went with the uncensored version. Go and take a look.

Stress – Oleg Aleksandrov Quick Edit

Stress’ rider Oleg Aleksandrov came out with a short, but pretty sweet web edit filmed at this fun looking skatepark. You will be seeing a few nice table tops and a good usage of freecoaster. Style.
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Stress – Lil Something With Dima Onoprienko

Dima Onoprienko has been pretty busy over the summer of 2013 standing behind the lens filming friends, but somehow still managed to film a few clips here and there to get this one for Stress done. Feeble grinds to 360s with a backwards icepick grind in between are so dope.
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Stress – Max Bespaliy Warm up Edit

Max Bespaliy just made the move from Kharkov to Moscow and over the first days of staying over there already filmed a banger edit. Street is proud and the whole world is also. Style for miles and as technical as possible. The manual to barspin down the rail was sick and so was that last feeble to opposite hard 360. Must see.
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Ilyas Ganzhaev Welcome To Stress

I knew I need to post one more thing up here and it is Ilyas Ganzhaev’s welcome to the Stress team edit. Ilyas is from Sochi, Russia and recently spent a few days in Moscow with Dima Onoprienko to hit some street and skatepark spots and to make this edit happen. It may start a bit slow, but damn, this thing has so much incredible grind combos in it that it is almost unreal. His nollie icepick grinds a pretty sweet, or toothpick skills. Enjoy.
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Stress – Minsk Trip

Back in May 2013, the Stress crew took a week long trip to Minsk, Belarus to enjoy what city has to offer, good spots and beautiful women. They came back with a handful of clips and made this dope video to show you how good of a city Minsk is. Featuring riding from Ivan Nikolaev, Nikita Zharkov, Alex Maltsev, Max Bespaliy, Volodya Dmitruk, Amigo, Alexander Prokof’ev and Oleg Aleksandrov.
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