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Colony Limited Edition Frame Kits

Colony just got a very limited edition frame, fork, steam and headset kits in Australia in a black confetti colorway with black headset and steam. Hit Strictly BMX for the Teddy and Sweet Tooth kits, hit Backbone BMX for Miner kits and hit your favorite dealer for the Living Kits, cause they are still available.

Strictly BMX – Matthias Dandois Shop Clips

While Matthias Dandois was traveling around Australia with Maxime Charveron, Luc Legrand and the rest of the Soul BMX team, he made a stop at the Strictly BMX, where they stayed for some time and filmed this quickie. Matthias don’t need big space, only 2 square meters and he can start showing us his unreal moves.
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Kyle Adderley Rampfest Mid Week Session

Strictly BMX team rider and mechanic Kyle Adderley threw a session down at the Rampfest indoor skatepark and filmed a few awesome lines and tricks. I haven’t heard much about this guy in the past, but hopefully we will be seeing more stuff in the future.
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An Hour At City Park W/ Chris Finnigan

Ian from Strictly BMX just sent over an edit he filmed about five months ago, on a cold winter day at the City skatepark in Melbourne, Australia, with Chris Finnigan while filming for the bike check and promo they released back then. Now decided to not throw clips away and put them together in this short edit.
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Strictly BMX – Kym Grosser Plaza Edit

Guys over at Strictly BMX just sent through Kym Grosser’s latest web edit. Usually Kym gets things done on the streets, but this time decided to hit a few plazas and skateparks around Melbourne, Australia. There is so much good things in this one, but I think that the tuck no-hander to icepick to barspin and that huge 360 gap to smith stood out, also need to mention that curved nose manual. Must see.
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Mick Bayzand – Park Jibs

Strictly BMX’s creative and tech street rider Mick Bayzand decided to take it to the parks of Melbourne, Australia for this new web edit. Watch this guy destroying ledges and rails with various grinds and combos over the Australian winter.
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Strictly BMX – Mick Bayzand Colony Teddy V3 Frame Promo

Strictly BMX put together this quick edit of Mick Bayzand giving you a quick rundown of his signature Colony Teddy V3 frame before heading to his local skatepark to put this beast in use. Even if these is just a short clip of Mick, he does not disappoint.

Renald McQueen Bike Check

Guys over at Strictly BMX just sent through Renald McQueen’s bike check. They made this flipbook showing you his current BSD Too Loose setup with a few photos of Renald in action.
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Strictly BMX – Jerry Vandervalk’s Shop Clips

I would love to see my local shop having ledges and space to get some riding done in it. Jerry Vandervalk is lucky, cause Strictly BMX has a flat ledge and an up ledge that he put in use recently.

Nick Harris Welcome To Wethepeople & Strictly BMX

Nick Harris is a new Wethepeople and Strictly BMX and to make it official he filmed this welcome to the team edit. Pretty solid one, with a few really cool lines. Enjoy.
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