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Subrosa “Get Used To It” – Lahsaan Kobza Section

From insane gaps, massive 360s to technical moves and grind combos, Lahsaan Kobza’s section from Subrosa’s first full length video “Get Used To It” is now online and ready for the whole world to see it. This one is seriously amazing and if you haven’t see it yet, you must watch it now and get blown away. Enjoy.
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Tristan Afre Bike Check

Tristan Afre recently built himself up a fresh new limited crispy cream Subrosa Noster setup. Bike looks fresh with super dope Banned sprocket with custom made black splatter. More photos and parts list up on Subrosa.

Markus Manninen Welcome To Rite

Young Helsinki, Finland base shredder, Markus Manninen, started getting support from The Shadow Conspiracy and Subrosa through Rite store and this is his welcome to the team edit, filmed over the course of summer and early fall, by Jarno Jaakola.
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Joris Coulomb Bike Check

Joris Coulomb recently built himself up a fresh new Subrosa Noster setup, that you can now check up on the Subrosa web site, along with one action shot. Bike looks really dialed to me.

Subrosa’s Combat Lock Print Ad

Lock you bike, lock your camera bag, lock your luggage, or lock yourself, this is the new Subrosa print ad, featuring the Combat lock, that can lock everything.

Subrosa – Oktoberfest Sale

Subrosa has a new deal for you guys over at The Corner Store, the Oktoberfest Sale. For only $19.99 you can get yourself a custom orange and black Crest T-shirt, a Drinking Division pint glass, a sticker pack and the new poster. Hurry up, cause they did a limited run of these shirt, so you know they will go fast.

Interbike 2013 By Ride BMX

Like I sad, the next few days will be pretty much all about Interbike 2013 and new products from all the brands that are on the market. Ride BMX present you short videos from brands like Subrosa, Stolen, United, Revenge Industries, S&M Bikes, Kink and Fit Bikes to show you all kind of different products they brought to the show. From Christian Rigal’s signature frame from United, to Simone Barraco’s new Noster frame and everything in between.
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Interbike 2013 By Vital BMX

FlyBikes at Interbike 2013 – More BMX Videos

Fly Bikes
The Interbike 2013 is on and the world wide web will be full of videos and photos showing you all the new stuff from all your favorite brands. Here are video from Vital BMX showing you guys new frames, sprockets, bars, cranks, forks, hub guards, hubs and other goodies from Fly Bikes, Subrosa, Shadow Conspiracy, Profile Racing, DK, Stolen and Kink. Hit read more and check out all the vids.
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Nick Bullen – Straight Shootin’

Nick Bullen is currently extremely busy with filming clips for the upcoming The Michigan video, but he somehow still finds time to go to the park and stack some clips for edits like this one for his sponsor Subrosa. But no chill this edit is, it includes tons of crazy good lines and combos you will enjoy watching. Filmed and edited by Alex Burnside.
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Subrosa “Get Used To It” – Mark Mulville Section

Now this is a pleasant surprise. Good people over at Subrosa just dropped Mark Mulville’s section from their first full length video “Get Used To It.” Mark had a really busy year and it even ended yet and also released this ridiculously good all trail section. The Sword are playing in the back, black and white, with countless of multi trick clips. Just seat back, relax and enjoy.
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