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Nick Bullen’s Subrosa Villicus Prime Bike Check

Nick Bullen built up a fresh new Subrosa setup with chrome Villicus prime frame, Villicus forks and Villicus bars. Make your way over to their web site to check out more photos of the bike and the products list.

Lahsaan Kobza’s Power Peg Subrosa Ad

Subrosa’s newest print ad featuring Lahsaan Kobza and his signature Power pegs, which are also available now and ready for you to put them on your bike and grind rails and ledges.

Subrosa In Atlanta Unseen Clips Vol 1

While filming for the Subrosa In Atlanta video, at 1:45 am Kye Hart started beat boxing and Sammy Cash dropped a few rhymes as an intro to Scott Ditchburn’s double peg to hard 180 on a ledge. And this is a pretty normal scene for a Subrosa trip. I wonder what we will see nect.
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Subrosa In Atlanta Video

Here is now the video we have all been waiting for, the video from the Subrosa crew’s week spent in Atlanta. Simone Barraco, Lahsaan Kobza, Scott Ditchburn, Nick Bullen, Kye Hart and Mark Mullvile all destroyed every inch of Atlanta and here is the collection of clips they managed to film. Seat back, relax and enjoy this thirteen minutes long video. Well, enjoy.
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The Subrosa Combat Lock

Subrosa dropped a promotional video for their Combat Lock (which is available now worldwide) featuring Simone Barraco (and a few other team members) showing you and telling you all about it. It is small, it is light and it will fit all your pockets.
This lock feature a high impact ABS composite case with a 1.2mm stainless steel cable and a die cast SK5 steel latch and includes two keys.
Use it wisely.
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Subrosa Venom Denim Pivotal Seat Sneak Peek

Subrosa dropped a sneak peek of their upcoming Venom denim pivotal seat. This seat will feature a black denim with a leather patch and will be available worldwide very very soon.

Subrosa – Hazard County Park Session

Subrosa crew was in Atlanta for a trip and they ran straight into a rainy day and since the whole crew wanted to ride their bikes they went indoors visiting the Hazard County skatepark. Featuring Ryan Sher, Scott Ditchburn, Joris Coulomb, Kye Hart, Mark Mulville, Nick Bullen and Simone Barraco. The last backwards nose manual on a quarter pipe from Simone is ridiculous. Filmed and edited by Bobby Kanode.
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Lahsaan Kobza Signature Subrosa Krispy Kreme Colorway

Lahsaan Kobza’s signature Krispy Kream colorway products from Subrosa will be available worldwide July 25th, 2013 and in this colorway you will be able to get the Noster frame, Villicus forks and Villicus bars. Start contacting your local shops or favorite mail orders to get these first.

Subrosa 2014 Complete Bikes Videos

We already posted one promotional video for one of Subrosa’s 2014 complete bike, the Novus complete, but here are more. Above is video from the 2014 Malum bike and after the jump you will find videos for Letum, Arum, Salvador, Tiro and Altus. If you would like to get a better look at these bikes, all the specifications and more riding from their crew, now is the chance.
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Subrosa 2014 Novus Complete Bike Promo

Subrosa is back with their complete bikes promotional video. This time they are showing you and giving you all the details you need to know about their 2014 Novus complete bike along with tons of really solid riding from Lars Tepaske. Lars is testing the bike straight out of the box.
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