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Subrosa Grab N’ Grib Bag

There is a new deal for you guys up on the Subrosa Brand web store. For just $29.99 you can get yourself two T-shirts and a pair of grips. Isn’t that cheap? Of course it is, so hit their store and get yourself and your handlebar geared up.

Subrosa X The Shadow Conspiracy “Up To 11” Complete Bike

The Shadow Conspiracy is entering it’s eleven year as a brand, so Ryan Sher, who rides both for Shadow and Subrosa, decided to make something special. He decided to make a limited edition “Up To 11” complete bike, that will be built using only Shadow and Subrosa parts. Now available, but only 100 made, so act quick before they are all gone. Watch how this bike is made in the edit above and than go, contact your local shop or favorite mail order and get it for yourself.
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Hoang Tran Bike Check

Odyssey threw together photos and parts list of Hoang Trans current Subrosa Villicus Prime setup in size 20.5″, that is build up using mostly Odyssey parts. There is also one nice turndown down the stairs photo in there as you can see above.
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Subrosa – Greg D’Amico Fubrosa Edit

Subrosa’s Canadian Skeleton rider Greg D’Amico has been working on a new edit for the company recently with Charlie Crumlish and here is the final product, edited to a Motörhead song. Black and white, Motörhead in the background and solid street riding, what you want more?
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Subrosa – Get Buck Sale

Guys over at Subrosa have a good offer for you, for only $21.99 you can get yourself a tank top and a free camo koozie. Head over to their Corner store, cause this deal is available exclusively through their online shop. Remember, act fast, these will go fast.

Subrosa Party Supply Sale

Subrosa has a really good offer for you guys, where you can get yourself a Party shirt, Party shade and Party sock for only $29.99. What a better way to get yourself freshened up with some new gear for a very low price.

Subrosa 2014 Complete Bikes

Subrosa is on it today. First they dropped a 2013/2014 catalog with all their hard goods and soft goods and now they updated their product page with all the new 2014 complete bikes. If you are interested, make your way over to their page and find out more about these bikes.

Subrosa 2013 / 2014 Catalog

Subrosa’s product range is really wide and they are offering pretty much everything, from frames, parts, to complete bikes, apparel and accessories. The finally got a chance to threw together everything in this 2013/2014 catalog to show you all the stuff they are offering. Flip through it above and than contact your local shop or favorite mail order and buy yourself something new.
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Hoang Tran Subrosa Ad

Well, this is not your everyday print ad, it is kinda different, isn’t it? Subrosa’s latest ad featuring their pro rider Hoang Tran, a skull, his signature Villicus Prime frame and the Get Used To It DVD.

Mellon BMX X Evolution BMX – Subrosa G.U.T.I. And Stuff Giveaway

New giveaway is on. We teamed up with Evolution BMX to give away Subrosa G.U.T.I. DVD along with Subrosa, Evolution BMX and Mellon stickers. Head over to our Facebook Page and read the rules, enter and good luck. No hard work.