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Subrosa Money Green Colorway

Subrosa added a new colorway to their complete bikes and aftermarket price, the Money Green. It is basically a high gloss darker green and like they are saying, it looks amazing on bikes. The following parts are the one you can pick in this color, Villicus bars, Party bars (4pc), Villicus forks, Forever top load stem, Bitchin’ headset, Bandit sprocket, Bitchin’ bar ends, Posi Trac hubs, Bitchin’ B.B. and Balum V2. Fin more up on their site.

QBP Begins Distributing Subrosa

These are some big news for Subrosa. QBP will be distribution everything made by Subrosa, compelte bikes, frames, forks, handlebars, components and apparel, starting this summer.
“QBMX is extremely proud to finally, and officially, let the cat out of the bag. We had been talking and working with Subrosa to add their products to our catalog and come mid June we will start seeing their products available for bike shops to order. Awesome!
What does that mean? Well, it means Subrosa is more accessible now. More bikes shops have the ability to bring this kick ass product into their store for their costumers. Whether you’re a bike shop, consumer, hater, lover, rider, or all-around-nice-person… go to Subrosa’s website and check out all the cool stuff we’re going to be bringing in… then get ready to pick some of it up really soon!”
– Glenn Dussl
“Thanks guys! We’re looking forward to this partnership as well. The biggest part being that Subrosa will now be available to many more shops, and riders. I’m so happy to work with people that want to help spread the word about Subrosa and BMX in such a positive way, and that’s exactly what QBP is about. Combining their efforts with sSubrosa Brand’s current U.S.A. distro, Sparky’s Distribution, it will soon be even easier for everyone from out loyal fans, to brand new riders, to pick up some great Subrosa products.”– Ryan Sher

Denis Stepanov Bike Check

Subrosa’s Skeleton rider Denis Stepanov aka Technoden built himself a brand new Balum V2 setup in green with Subrosa and The Shadow Conspiracy parts. Head over to their page to check photos and parts list.

Subrosa Pozi Trac Hubs And Guards

The new Subrosa Pozi Trac hubs and hub guards are already out, but now they dropped an article to give all you, who haven’t decide yet, if these are the right one for you, a better looks at them and also threw together a video showing you how you can change rear Pozi Trac hub from right hand drive to left hand drive.

Hoang Tran Video Bike Check

Subrosa pro rider Hoang Tran running you through his signature Villicus Primer setup in space black version, with Subrosa and Odyssey part, along with nailing down some air time and tech freecoaster moves at a concrete skatepark.
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Stephen Mulder Bike Check

Subrosa fan Stephen Mulder has a bike check up on their site, showing you his all black with yellow rims DTT FlaTT setup. This bike looks rad as hell, so make sure you check more photos, parts list and one action photo of Stephen and his bike over there.

Chu Leung Bike Check

Chu Leung is Subrosa’s newest Skeleton rider from Hong Kong, who built himself up a fresh new Noster setup. Make your way over to their site, to check more photos of his bike and one action sequence.

Subrosa G.U.T.I. Premiere At Gordy’s Bike Shop

A little while ago Lahsaan Kobza hosted a fun little jam in front of the Gordy’s Bike Shop in Phoenix, Arizona along with premiering the new Subrosa G.U.T.I. video. If you haven’t seen the video yet, hit your local shop, mailorder, or get it in digital version through Subrosa’s web store.
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Haimona Ngata Bike Check

Haimon Ngata recently built himself up a fresh new Subrosa Villicus Prime setup loaded with Subrosa and Shadow Conspiracy parts. Subrosa has it all, parts list and more photos of his bike, so go there and check it out.

Win A Signed Copy Of Subrosa G.U.T.I.

Subrosa is hosting a giveaway up on their Facebook page, where they are giving nine Get Used To It DVDs, signed by Simone Barraco aka Kid. Head over there to read the rules, enter and good luck.