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Tom Smith Bike Check

Right after a trip to Cuba with Empire, Tom Smith built himself up a fresh new Subrosa Villicus Prime setup with Villicus forks and bar. Check out his chrome setup up on the Subrosa site.

Subrosa G.U.T.I. – Assorted Facts

Make your way over to the Defgrip site to read a list of assorted Subrosa Get Used To It facts. Find out where the name came from, which is the oldest clip, who has the longest hair in G.U.T.I. and much more. If you haven’t seen it yet, watch it ASAP.

Cocis Video Bike Check

There isn’t much of a bike check in here, just a look at it, but Cocis gets a few nice moves pull at the Butta park in Pavia, Italy, to test his new Subrosa Noster setup.

Dan’s Comp X Hoang Tran Giveaway

Dan’s Comp teamed up with Subrosa in celebration of the release of the G.U.T.I. DVD, to host one big Hoang Tran giveaway. So, one lucky winner can win all the stuff you see above, his signature Villicus Prime frame, forks and bars, a custom made denim west, autographed poster and The DVD.

Chase Lee Bike Check

Subrosa’s Skeleton rider Chase Lee built himself up a fresh new Noster bike, shot a few photos of it, wrote down the parts list and now he has a bike check up on the site for you to check out.

Subrosa Limited Edition Tie Dye Noster Shirts

Subrosa made a limited run, only 30, of the tie dye Noster T-shirts. You can buy these exclusively through their Corner store, but hurry up, you know these will go fast.

Subrosa G.U.T.I. Premieres

The long awaited and the Subrosa first ever DVD, Get Used To It, will be available on April 15th, but the premiers will start rolling on Saturday, April 13th at the following shops, Mr Bikes N Boards, Albes BMX, Cranx, Pusher, Ratking Bikes, STFBMX and Gordy’s Bike Shop. More shops to come, so keep checking Subrosa site.

Subrosa – Chrome Will Get You Home

Like guys over at Subrosa sad, they did it again. They are bringing out their parts in chrome. A lot of stuff there is to pick, so if you are into chrome and into Subrosa, you will definitely find something suitable for you.

Subrosa Simple Session 2013 Commercial

This is the Subrosa commercial that ran during the Simple Session 2013 event. No riding, just destroying the camera that filmed part of the new Subrosa G.U.T.I. video. I really can not wait to see the full video, I know it’s going to be so damn good.
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Kyle Hart Video Bike Check

Subrosa rider Kyle Hart shows you his whip and tells you what parts he is riding in this video bike check. Above you will be looking at his signature Party Splatter DTT street frame, with other Subrosa and Odyssey parts and along with that, there’s also some fine and original shredding from Kyle himself.
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