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Alex Magallan Sunday Bikes Print Advert

Alex Magallan going over the rail and on to the wall for Sunday Bikes’ latest print advert promoting the 2014 complete bikes, that can be seen in the 183rd issue of the Ride UK magazine.

Erik Elstran On Sunday Bikes Pro

One of the most creative riders in the game of BMX, Erik Elstran got added to the Sunday Bikes pro team. I really hope he will be working on a welcome to pro team edit, cause it is always enjoyable watching this guy ride.

Gary Young Sunday Bikes Print Ad

Sunday Bikes’ latest print ad from the Ride UK magazine, issue 180, featuring Gary Young pulling this super dope wallride to euro table. This setup is really amazing and I am quite sure everyone out there would love to have it in his local area.

Sunday Bikes Goes To Idaho And Montana

Sunday Bikes riders Alex Magallan, Chris Childs and Gary Young took a trip to Idaho and Montana to search for amazing spots to ride, especially concrete skateparks, and they found quite a few. This is a video now from the drip, documenting all the amazing riding and good times. This can be easily called a proper road trip video.
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Chris Childs Sunday Bikes Print Ad

You are looking at Sunday Bikes’ latest print ad that can be found in the 182nd issue of the Ride UK magazine featuring Chris Childs clearing this huge rail hop to drop.

Alex Magallan Sunday Bikes Print Ad

Alex Magallan with a high speed gap to wallride for Sunday Bikes’ latest print ad that you can find in the 183th issue of the Ride UK magazine. You can find this move pulled in the “Sunday Bikes Goes To New England” video.

Danny Stanzl On Sunday Bikes

Danny Stanzl has been added to the Sunday Bikes international team and will be riding for the brand over in the UK though the IMG distribution. Now I am waiting for the welcome to the team edit, which I hope will drop in the near future.

Sunday Bikes – Most Complete Completes Video

Like every year, Sunday Bikes dropped a web video featuring their riders on their complete bikes, to show the whole world how similar they are to their personal setups. Featuring Aaron Ross, Gary Young, Alex Magallan and Chris Childs.
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Kevin Liehn Welcome To Sunday Bikes

Kevin Liehn – Welcome to Sunday Bikes from Mirko Wakat on Vimeo.

Kevin Liehn is the newest Sunday Bikes international rider, who will be respresenting the brand through Sport Import. Mirko Wakat and Kevin got together and went filming for Kevin’s welcome to the team edit, which was just released. Get a look at the new bike Kevin is riding along with all bunch of great riding clips.
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Alexander Rudenko Fall 2013 Profile

Big Toys Shop rider and Sunday Bikes and GSport represent, Alexander Rudenko, is a freaking unbelievable rider. There is so much combos in here, you probably wont see anywhere else. 540 into feeble, 540 out of feeble and much much more craziness. It is a must watch.
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