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New Sunday Bikes Broadcaster Bars

The new Sunday Bikes Broadcaster bars are available now. This are 8.9″ tall, 28.5″ wide, which makes this bar the tallest of bars that Sunday is offering. You can get more info on this bad boy over on their web site.

Sunday Bikes Knox Guard Sprocket

Above is a flipbook of the new Sunday Bikes Knox guard sprocket. It is made out of 7075 aluminum and comes with a full guard on one side, to protect your chain. It is made to fit larger chain, like half-links for example and is available in two sizes, 28T and 28T and four different colors, black, blue, raw and red.
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TJ Henderson Bike Check

Sunday Bikes has a flipbook for you guys, which is showing you TJ Henderson’s current Soundwave bike in black with vapor blue colorway parts. For the parts list you need to move yourself over to their web site.

Sunday Bikes 2013 Hard Goods Sneak Peek

Sunday Bikes threw together this flip-book to show you sneak peeks of their upcoming hard goods that will be available later in April. There will be seats, grips, sprockets, stems, linear cables, hubs, rims and cranks. I like the design of the new Black Cloud pivotal seat.

Sunday Bikes – TJ Henderson’s Cabin Fever

Sunday Bikes rider TJ Henderson spent pretty much the whole winter time shredding this fun looking setup and bringing out some amazing front brake moves. Nosepicks on nosepicks on nosepicks. Enjoy. Filmed and edited by Ryan Capranica.

Jake Seeley Sunday Bikes Ad

Have a look at the latest Sunday Bikes print ad that yea can find in the April issue of the Ride UK magazine, featuring Jake Seeley doing a crooked grind to toothpick down a kinked rail on a Broadcaster frame. Jake is always going as tech as possible.

Jake Seeley Bike Check

With the release of Jake Seeley’s signature Sunday Bikes Emergency Broadcaste Bonus Bike, he built himself out his version of it, using Sunday Bikes, Odyssey and Profile Racing parts. If you would like to know what are all the parts he is running, check the parts list.

Sunday Bikes Banana Wax Now Available

It is a banana. No, it is the new Sunday Bikes Banana wax, which is available now. While most of the companies and wax brands are struggling themselves with making a wax that is usable both, on ledges and rails, Sunday made a banana shape of it. Contact your local shop, or favorite mail order to get yourself one, or just hit Sunday’s web store.

Sunday Bikes 2013 Bonus Bikes

And here we have them now, the 2013 Sunday Bikes’s bonus complete bikes. Above you can see Aaron Ross’ vapor flip pro and below Garrett Reeves’ acid drop ex and Jake Seeley’s emergency broadcaster. All the bikes will be available in selected shops at March 23rd.

Sunday Bikes 2013 3rd Bonus Bike Puzzle

This is the third and final installment in Sunday Bikes’ bonus bike puzzle, where you get a chance of winning Sunday goods worth $200. Head over to their site, read the rules and enter.