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Sunday Super Sale Time

Head over to the Sunday Bikes web store where you can save anywhere from 10-50% on hardgoods and softgoods. If you are a Sunday fan, this is the best way to save some money and get yourself and your bike freshened up.

Chance Garrison Birthday Edit

Sunday Bikes’ flow rider Chance Garrison has been pretty busy over the fall and winter around west Michigan, stacking clips for this fresh new Birthday edit he came out with, to celebrate his 19th birthday. I haven’t seen much from Chance yet, but now, I really hope he will be dropping a new one soon. He has this awesome style of riding, that just makes you wanna grab a bike and go out for a session.
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Sunday – Name The Santa Contest

Rad Santa! from Sunday Bikes

Have you ever seen Santa Claus riding trails, sketeparks or even streets? If not, you have all bunch of Santas flying around in the above video. When you are done with watching, click here, find out who the Santa Claus on the picture is and use the name as promo code when checking out your order over $30.
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Two Four Flat – Flatland On A Sunday Cruiser

I think guys over at Sunday Bikes will be really proud of Joe Cicman and Danny Sirkin, because they filmed this really dope flatland split edit, riding their 24″ cruiser. Looks like they don’t have much problems with the bike. Is this the start of a new flatland trend?
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Jake Seeley Broadcasting Live From The Berkshires

When it comes to grinding, putting all four pegs to use and getting as technical as possible, Sunday Bikes’ Jake Seeley is the right name. In this Broadcasting Live From The Berkshires he gets so much good stuff done, that I don’t know where to start. Maybe at 0:00? Press play and be amazed.
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Mike Gonzalez Bike Check

This bike check that guys over at Sunday Bikes just dropped documents Mike Gonzalez’s riding over the past month in Austin, Texas. Don’t get scared, there aren’t just riding photos in this one, you’ll also find his red Rooster. For parts list click here.

New Sunday Bikes 360° View

This is how you can from now on see all the Sunday Bikes complete bikes. These 360° views are really cool, cause you can take time and check every single part of the bike, or just playing around and spinning it. To check all other bikes in this new view, visit their complete bike page.

New Sunday Domino Set

Wow, this was unexpected. Sunday Bikes is from now on offering the domino set, as part of their 2012 holiday collection and can be only found on their online store. If you dig it and like to play with dominoes, click here and order a set.
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Bob Delaat Bike Check

Above you can check Bob Delaat’s freshly built Sunday Bikes Rooster bike with their all new Octave forks. For the parts list, make sure you click on this link.

Sunday Bikes – Scot Draper North By Northwest

Sunday Bikes’ Scot Draper spent the summer of 2012 in the Northwest riding the trails at Mt- Hood. and learning to shoot slow pool. He managed to film all bunch of cool clips that Logan Reynolds then mixed them with a song that gave them that really good vibe.