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TJ Henderson Fake It 2012

How many times a year you see an only front brake and freecoaster using rider? That does not happen very often, well at least not on the web, so this is why this edit is that more amazing. Tons of creative fakie lines from Sunday Bikes rider TJ Henderson.
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Cory Wiergowski Bike Check

Albe’s, Sunday Bikes and Division Tattoo Studio rider Cory Wiergowski has a bike check up on Ride site. Click here for the parts list, closeup pictures and a quick interview about The Hunt, Texas Toast Jam, his bike and more.

TJ Henderson Bike Check

Sunday Bikes have a few photos of TJ Henderson’s black magic Forecaster setup with fluorescent yellow parts. First check the photos above and that click here for the parts list.

Alex Magallan Bike Check

Sunday Bikes posted a bike check with Alex Magallan, showing you his freshly built Forecaster setup with Morning 2.1 forks, Freeze stem and Tall T bars. Bike looks dialed.

Mellon 7’s – Cory Wiergowski

For this week’s Mellon 7’s interview we got for you Sunday Bikes and Albe’s BMX Mailorder shredder from Detroit, Michigan, Cory Wiergowski. Click read more and read Cory’s answers on our seven quick questions.
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[Re-Up] Sunday Bikes – Garrett Reeves

The edit is now embeddable, but still watch Garrett Reeves’ latest web edit he filmed for Sunday Bikes with Jeff Zielinski above. It is so good to see a rider completely killing it without pulling a single tailwhip or barspin. Must see.

Sunday Bikes At House Park

Sunday Bikes’ Alex Magallan, Lee Dennis and Garrett Reeves had a few session at the House Park in Austin, TX, doing why the like best, pulling and find creative lines in skateparks.
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Josh Irvine Bike Check

Sunday’s Australian rider Josh Irvine built himself up a fresh new black magic Sunday Forecaster setup, mixed with Sunday and Odyssey parts. Check out the parts list here.

Chance Garrison – Back And Ankle Strapped

“Some clips for Sunday Bikes and Albe’s BMX before and after I broke my ankle. It feels nice to be back on the bike after the quick six weeks I was off due to broken bones. Watch closely for any hidden ET’s going down and enjoy.”– Chance Garrison

Props Megatour 10 – Sunday Bikes

Sunday’s section from Props Megatour 10 with Jim Cielencki (TM), Alex Magallan, Eric Lichtenberger, Garrett Reeves, Jake Seeley, Mike Gonzales, Gary Young and Aaron Ross.
If you missed FBM’s section, click here.
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