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Ty Henderson: Take It + Bike Check

TJ Henderson: Take It from Sunday Bikes

Ty Henderson is a rider with a very unique style of riding. Above is his new Sunday web edit, showing some of his hot moves. By clicking here, you can also check his current bike setup.
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Alex Magallan Sunday Video Bike Check

Alex Magallan bike check from Sunday Bikes

“In this video, Alex Magallan talks about how he sets up his Forecaster. Mostly, he speaks about his parts, the dimensions and the little things that he likes in particular. Plus there’s a great riding clip at the end. All these parts are available now!”Sunday.
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Erik Elstran Welcome To Sunday

Welcome to the Team / Erik Elstran from Sunday Bikes

Want to see some creative and unique riding? If yes, than this, Erik Elstran’s welcome to Sunday team, is definitely for you. Ever saw an up bar grind on a rail?
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Sunday 2011 Year In Photos


“Well, 2011 is about to come to a close. It’s been an amazing year for us. The team was all over the place this year. We hit up both Woodward West and East, went on Megatour 10 in Texas, hit up Texas Toast Jam, went to the Ed’s Games, traveled to Colorado, rode trails along the east coast, got lost in Tennessee, traveled around the Baltic Sea and went to Simpel Session. I know I’m exhausted from 2011, but 2012 is planned to be just as busy. Thanks for the great year everyone.”Sunday.
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Sunday – New England Shop Tour

New England Shop Tour from Sunday Bikes

“During the fall, Aaron Ross, Alex Magallan, Jake Seeley, Scot Draper and Jim Cielencki joined up with Full Factory’s Bobby Parker to visit a bunch of shops and skateparks in New England. From huge games of Footdown to a bunnyhop contest on a 40 lb bike, we had a blast. Thanks to everyone that came out and to these shops Circuit BMX, Dick Maul’s, Fat Trax, Full Circle and the Garden.”Sunday.
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Sunday Sabretooth Sprocket Available Now


The new Sunday Sabertooth sprocket is available now in black and raw and in sizes 25, 27, 28, 30 and 33.
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Eric Lichtenberger Sun-Day In The Life

Eric Lichtenberger Sun-Day in the Life from Sunday Bikes

Take a look at how a typical day in the life of Sunday’s Eric Lichtenberg looks like. From drinking a morning coffee and listening to rap music, to riding and eating pizza. Enjoy.
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2012 Sunday Complete Bikes Catalog

Sunday’s 2012 complete bikes catalog is now available online.
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Sunday – Sun-Dazed At Woodward West

Sun-Dazed at Woodward West from Sunday Bikes

“Last summer’s Sunday Week at Woodward West was a blast. Aaron Ross, Gary Young, Jake Seeley, Eric Lichtenberger, Lee Dennis and Jim Cielencki spent 7 glorious days riding the camp, bouncing on trampolines, jumping Mega Ramp, jumping in foam pits, drinking milkshakes and riding with all the rad campers. Such a good time that I think we are doing it again this summer. Already can’t wait for summer!”Sunday.
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TJ Henderson Bike Check


“Mini ramp shredder and all-around awesome guy, TJ Henderson sent me some photos of his Forecaster bike with Victory bars and Night 2.0 forks with 990 mounts. TJ shred hard in the 2012 Complete Completes video and has something up his sleeve in the next few weeks. I’m very sure you will like it. Check out his parts list after the break.”– Jim C., Sunday.