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Sunday – Seth Peterson Lone Star Leftovers

If you remember Seth Peterson’s Sunday Lone Star to the North Star edit from a few months back, than you know how good it was and how original Seth is. He still had all bunch of leftover clips, additional angles and crashes, and now, Sunday dropped the edit including all of them for your viewing pleasure.
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New Sunday Headsets Available Now

The all new Sunday Headsets are available now and will be available at your local shop or favorite mail order soon after. These headsets offer one of the lowest stack heights on the market, come with two spacers, 3mm and 5mm, and in four different colors, black, raw, anodized red and anodized blue.
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Walter Pieringer Is New Odyssey & Sunday Team Manager

Odyssey and Sunday have worked with Walter Pieringer on several project through the years an today they are proud to announce him as their team’s new manager. Read below, what some of the riders has to say about Walter.
“Hell Yeah!! Walter knows best, trust me.”– Tom Dugan
“That guy is multi-talented, in many ways. And he is a good dude.”– Eric Lichtenberger
“Couldn’t be more stoked, I have a good friend as my new team manager. Looking forward to continuing to travel and work together more!”– Aaron Ross
“Walter is one of those individuals that happens to be amazing at whatever he puts his mind to. Giving him the reigns to guide the Full Factory teams is going to be an adventure to say the least. I am excited to be a part of it.”– Gary Young

Odyssey Sales Manager Wanted

If you are a highly motivated sales manager willing to work in the BMX wolrd, Odyssey (& Flatware, Sunday, Fairdale and GSport) has a job for you. Please dot read the full job listing here first.

Jim Cielencki Video Bike Check

Jim Cielenci recently wanted to built himself up a fresh new Sunday and Odyssey Soundwave setup, but realized soon enough, that Soundwave special complete bike is exactly what he is looking for. So he just took the bike out of the box and hit the streets with it. Watch Jim above, running your through his complete along with a few clips to get you stoked.
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Sunday – Seth Peterson L.S.T.N.S. Edit

Sunday Bikes dropped this original, unique, with tons of awesome clips, edit from their rider Seth Peterson, getting things done on the streets of Austin and Minnesota. I really enjoyed watching this one and I am sure you will also. Well, enjoy.
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Two Four Flat – Sunday Cruiser Video BIke Check

Guys over at Two Four Flat are back again. This time Danny Sirkin runs you through the Sunday Model C 24″ bike and later you will witness some great flatland moves on that cruiser from Prasheel Gopal and Mark Kuhlmann. Looks like these guys are really having fun on that bike and stepping it up to the new age of 24″ flatland riding.
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Sunday – Lee Dennis

Lee Dennis has this real good technical street style of riding that is always a treat to watch. If something needs to get pulled, Lee will pull it, no matter what, even if he has no chain. Watch this new edit he made for Sunday Bikes, edited by the one and only Jim Cielencki to get pumped before riding.
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Mellon 7’s – Vasya Lukyanenko

I first met Vasya Lukyanenko about a year and a half ago, while on a trip with Carhartt to Essen, Germany for the Apartment project. Vasya is a very chill guy, but when it comes to riding bikes, he kills pretty much every single spot, or just every obstacle you place in front of him. If you scroll down (or just click here) you will also see that Vasya likes riding wild and not meant-to-be-ridable setups. Now click read more and read this quick interview Vasya did for us.
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Chance Garrison Bike Check

Sunday Bikes’ flow rider Chance Garrison just built himself up a fresh new Soundwave bike in black magic colorway. Check photos above and than click here to find out what parts this guy is riding.