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2013 Sunday Rooster Frame

All you trail riders out there who are looking for a new frame, Sunday’s 2013 Rooster frame could be the one for you.
“The Rooster comes with trail friendly geometry of 74? HT, 71? ST, lower 11.625” BB height and a 13.75” -14” CS length. The rear end of this bike is stiffened up by the Director style wishbone and a post weld 41 Thermal heat treating process giving the frame a lifetime warranty.
Available in 21” and 21.25” top tube sizes and in one color, Dr. Pepper.”
– Sunday
For all the specifications, click here.
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2013 Sunday Broadcaster Frame

The next frame in Sunday’s 2013 collection of frames is the Broadcaster.
“The Broadcaster takes up where the Forecaster left off, now with much more progressive geometry. The biggest changes are the 75.5? HT and the 13 – 13.25” CS length. The steeper HT allows for increased front wheel trick capabilities while the combination of the low 11.5? BB height and the shortened CS length allows for better spinning and tailwhipping possibilities. This is a modern street rider’s dream frame.”
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2013 Sunday Funday Frame

Aaron Ross’ Sunday Funday frame uses almost all of Sunday’s aftermarket frame features, hollow dropouts, integrated chain tensioners, waved down tube, angled removable brake mounts, director style wishbone, post-weld machining of the BB & HT and full 41 Thermal heat-treating backed by a lifetime warranty. For more info and geometry, click here.
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2013 Sunday Soundwave Frame

As Sunday yesterday sad they will be showing you all their 2013 frames separately one per day, starting with the Soundwave.

“The Soundwave is the latest in the Wave series of frames. This is the most modern, highest quality frame we have offered to date. The geometry has been updated by changing the HT to 75?, lowered the BB height to 11.5” and shortened the CS length to 13.5” – 13.75”. We have also given the chain stays an updated “boxed” tube shape. This enables the frame to have a shorter rear end as well as provide clearance for larger sized rear tires. Now you have the modern geometry plus all the aftermarket frame features that makes Sunday frames stand out from the crowd. Hollow dropouts, integrated chain tensioners, Wave down tube and top tube, Cable Channel, new screw-in cable guide, angled removable brake mounts, Director style wishbone, post-weld machining of the BB & HT and full 41 Thermal heat-treating backed by a lifetime warranty all come standard on the Soundwave.”
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2013 Sunday Frames

Here is a preview of the 2013 Sunday frames that will come available in early September. More details on each frame soon, but for now check out pics of the Soundwave, Funday, Broadcaster and Rooster above.
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Garrett Reeves Sunday Ad

Above is Sunday’s latest print ad from the latest issue of Ride UK, featuring Garrett Reeves with a wallride and his signature Ice Green 2013 Ex complete bike.

Gary Young Video Bike Check

Odyssey’s Gary Young runs you through his current machine and shows you just every single part that he is riding ride now in this video bike check. His whip is build pretty much out of Odyssey and Sunday parts.
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Cory Wiergowski Welcome To Sunday AM

Sunday added Cory Wiergowski to their AM team about a month ago and today the official welcome to the team edit dropped. One flat and one up/down ledge, a parking lot and a Soundwave setup is what Cory needs to get down some serious smith grinding lines done.
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Gary Young Bike Check

Gary Young is testing Sunday’s new Soundwave frame for a while now and it looks like its holding perfect. Check out photos of it above and then click here to look at the, pretty much Odyssey, parts list.
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Alexandr Rudenko Edit

Alexandr Rudenko, from Kiev, Ukraine, rides for Odyssey, Sunday and GSport through Big Toys Bike Shop. Alexandr mixes street riding with skatepark and pulls tricks like double whips, 540 bars and some technical grind moves. Next level.
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