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Superstar X Par BMX – Oskars Zajarskis 2013 Edit

Oskars Zajarskis has been really busy over the summer time, visiting a lot of BMX events and filming for various projects, but somehow still managed to film a few tricks and lines here and there to make this edit for Superstar and Par BMX happen. Great style, great riding and great filming and editing.
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Pascal Lafontaine Off Superstar

After being on the team for over a year now, Pascal Lafontaine has officially parted ways with his sponsor Superstar. Pascal decided to move on to explore new things, so if there will be anything new from this guy coming, you know we will have it posted up here.

Halo / Superstar – Luke Padgett Edit

Luke Padgett went big for his sponsors Halo and Superstar and this edit, filmed and edited by Alex Crane will show how big he exactly went. The font plant on a wall and that quick flair were both wild. Need to mention that Luke is a master of footjam tailwhip and putting them in various combos.
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Rain Randvali Welcome To Superstar

Rain Randvali is a young gun from Tihemesta, Estonia who recently got added to the Superstar team. This kid sure deserves it and this kid definitely is the future of BMX. Amazing style and already some sick combos, all pulled proper and smoothly at his local indoor skatepark. Must see.
How old is he?
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Luke Padgett Bike Check

Make your way over to the Superstar web site to check out Luke Padgett’s current Flagship setup. Black, brakeless, pegless, with some red details machine. Looking dialed.

Oskars Zajarskis Welcome To Superstar

Oskars Zajarskis aka OZ is the newest addition to the Superstar team and to make things officially he recently hit up the Monster Park in Riga, Latvia with Janis Cunculis to film some dope moves and lines for the welcome to the team edit. Edited by Ed Zunda.
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Luke Padgett On Superstar

Luke Padgett is Superstar’s newest addition to the team from UK and Like they are saying, we will be seeing a lot of him in the future, photos, videos and signature parts.
“That’s official now. Luke Padgett from Blackpool, UK is the new Superstar rider we’ve talked about on march 6th. After a few weeks of cooporation we are already satisfied of how pro he is. Not only about riding, also about how organized he is for photo/video shoots, trips, products development… That’s very positive. Get ready for some Luke’s news, edits and signature parts in the coming months and years.
To Luke : we wish you a warm « official welcome » to Superstar! And thanks to Zeal BMX Distribution in UK for the cooperation.”

Michal Horowic Video Bike Check

Michal Horowic got a fresh new Superstar package through PRL BMX, including frame and some other parts, and decided to film a quick edit, showing you the building process and some close up shots of his red machine.

Jared Chilko Off Superstar

No story and reason why Jared Chilko decided to parted ways with his sponsor Superstar, maybe already some other future plans, that he do not want to talk about at the moment.
“After many years with us, Jared Chilko decided to leave Superstar, to become again a regular rider. Thanks for all these years together and enjoy your new status!”

Anthony Abbaie Superstar Ad

This is the latest Superstar print ad featuring Anthony Abbaie aka Pampa going with style at this really fun looking water slide spot and their Flagship frame in red.