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22 Stairs Whip Attempt

Stupek Frici / Clark Ádám tér / 22 lépcs? from OGBS on Vimeo.

People, this is insane, don’t try this at home. I know this is just an attempt, but hey, where talking about whipping over 22 stairs. Mental.
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Aaron Ross – Firing Bunnyhop Tailwhip

How sick is this? Aaron Ross gets a bunnyhop tailwhip done while both of his wheels are on fire, yep, on fire. Be very careful, if you are planing to try something like this, or even better, don’t do it, cause Aaron already did it for you.
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How To Hop Tailwhip With Josh James

All you out there who would like to learn a bunnyhop tailwhip, here is a how to for your with Josh James teach you how to pull it and giving you all the tips from start to finish. If you can do it on deck, then it is pretty much all in your head, that’s what Josh is saying and he is completely right.
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Dawid Godziek’s Trick List Episode 2 – Tailwhips

Dart BMX’S Dawid Godziek is back with the second installment in his Trick List episodes. This time around he will show you several variations of tailwhip. This dude has to much bike control and over his big trails he can pull almost everything. Seat back and relax while Dawid throws whips.
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How To No-Footed Can-Can Tailwhip With Daniel Dhers

You know how dialed Daniel Dhers’ no-footed can-can tailwhips are, right? Well, they are very dialed and he is definitely the right guy to teach you how you can pull this wild trick combo, but remember, don’t stole it from him, cause he will be after you. Good luck.
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Ondra Slez – Flair Tailwhip To tailtap

One really ridiculous stunt from Ondra Slez at the skatepark. Flair tailwhip to tailtap. This is kinda hard, isn’t it? But Ondra pulled it so clean and so smooth. What next, barspin into quarter pipe?
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How To Tailwhip With Ricardo Laguna

Ricardo Laguna is here for you to show you one of his most simplest tricks, tailwhip. Not only he will show you how he is pulling it, he will also give you some advices to get it done a little quicker.

How To Bunnyhop Tailwhip With Stevie Churchill

If you need some advices on how to start learning a bunnyhop tailwhips you should get them from the best in the game and Stevie Churchill sure is the right guy. His hop whips and just every variation with the whip he does look so easy.
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Jed Mildon – World First Double Backflip Tailwhip

Are you kidding me?! During the Nitro Circus Live show at the Westpac Stadium in Wellington, New Zealand on Saturday, February 9th, Jed Mildon pulled the first ever double backflip tailwhip. How can he pull a trick like that so perfectly?
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How To 180 Downside Tailwhip With Tony Hamlin

180 downside tailwhip is getting pretty popular these days and I must say, when I land it the first time it was a freaking miracle. TCU sat down with Tony Hamlin to give you all the details on how to pull one. First thing’s first, have tailwhips and 180s on lock before doing this combo. When you will learn it, you will have tons of fun whit it.
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