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Tammy McCarley – Freedom In Phoenix

Tammy McCarley escaped the West Coast and made a trip to Phoenix, Arizona, to hometown of his new bike sponsor, Freed Bikes. No chilling for Tammy while over there, instead, he was hitting up streets spots and killing them one by one. The manual to gap to smith grind on jersey barriers was so sick. Enjoy.
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Freed Bikes – Have A Day Vol. 1 – Flagstaff, Arizona

Have A Day Vol.1- Flagstaff, Arizona from Freedbikes on Vimeo.

Here is now the first volume of short mini series from Freed Bikes featuring Tammy McCarley, River Waldren and Andy Smith having some fun at these skatepark and a few street spots in Flagstaff, Arizona. Stay tuned for more good stuff from this crew in the coming weeks/months.
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Make It Happen 3rd Teaser – Argentina

Make It Happen 3rd Teaser – Argentina from Make It Happen BMX on Vimeo.

The third trip of the Make It Happen video project with Gary Young, Greg Illingworth and Tammy McCarley took them to Argentina, South America. They travelled all around the country, met up with locals, got robbed (Gary and the photographer) and rode some amazing spots. The final product will be ready at the beginning of next year.
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FREEDom Bikes Promo

FREEDom Promo from Freedbikes on Vimeo.

After releasing the Miami, Florida video, Freed Bikes still had enough fun clips from Tammy McCarley, Demarcus Paul and Corey Foster to put together this promotional video for the Freedom frame and handlebar. Filmed and edited by Miles Rogoish.
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Freed In Miami

Freed riders Tammy McCarley (In case you haven’t seen his welcome to the team edit, watch it now), Demarcus Paul and Corey Foster all took a week long trip to Miami, Florida with Miles Rogoish behind the lens to film for this new web edit. I must say, that this was such a good watch and full of street hammer and big stuff. You better start pressing the play button, cause I am sure you will enjoy every second of it.
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Tammy McCarley Welcome To Freed

After a little while, Tammy McCarley finally finds a new bike sponsor and it is Freed. This is a quick welcome to the team edit, filmed on the streets of Miami. Nothing to much actually in here, but still, Tammy never disappoints even if just cruising around and pedalling fast. Filmed and edited by Miles Rogoish.
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Blunted Athletics – Tammy McCarley “Dana Short”

Tammy McCarley is on fire this year with filming and look, here is a new one for Blunted Athletics. Tammy can go regular, opposite, with pegs, with pedals, with speed and just knows how to have fun on a bike. Enjoy.
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Vetis Mix Tape 2013

Vetis Mix Tape 2013 featuring street, trails and skatepark riding from riders like Dominic Colombini, Dave Pendleton, Sean Sieling, Nolan Santana, Tyler Andersen, Ty Morrown, Tammy McCarley, Forrest Holland, Dick Nicholls, McCoy Ivie, Jayson Johnson, Colby Spratt, Alex Kennedy, Gino Santoro and Hoang Tran. A lot of big names means a lot of good riding. Filmed and edited by David Pendleton and Nolan Santana.
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Tammy McCarley’s Monday Edit

Tammy McCarley is always coming out with something hot and his Ride BMX Monday edit is no different. So much good stuff with two highlights for me, icepick to toothpick stall to over to fakie and the last over icepick stall and back to nose manual. So much style Tammy has and everything looks so clean. Enjoy.
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Mongoose Jam 2013 – Street Finals

Mongoose Jam 2013: Street Finals – More BMX Videos

Finally, the street finals highlights from the Mongoose Jam 2013 are here and they are much better than expected. Riders like Ben Lewis, Chad Kerley, Kevin Peraza, Jeremiah Smith, Paul Ryan and many many more went completely insane with their riding. So much really hard lines and moves. Start pressing the play button above and get amazed.
Find the results from the final contest of the event after the jump.
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