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Alli Sports “Under The Gun” – Brett Banasiewicz

It has been a while since Alli Sports dropped a new installment in their “Under The Gun” series, but they are now back with a new one, featuring Brett Banasiewicz getting a new piece done on his chest. His father, Bill Banasiewiczs, tells you all the details about the tattoo and why it is so important. Follow Brett at @imaddog9 for more updates on the tattoo.
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Alli “Under The Gun” – Brett Banasiewicz

Brett Banasiewicz tells you the story behind his foot tattoo and how his mum didn’t like the idea of getting the third tattoo along with some killer clips from The Kitchen skatepark in Alli Sports’ latest episode of “Under The Gun”.
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BMX Ink Round 3

Albert Mercado, Ashley Charles, Chad Kagy, Dakota Roche, Eric Lichtenberger, Hoang Tran, Hoang Tran, Nate Moroshan and Ronnie Napolitan all showing their tattoos up on ESPN. Click here and check their ink.

Mike Tag Tattoo

Just spotted on FBM site that some of the FBM crew got a Mike Tag tattoo. Amazing.

Alli “Under The Gun” – Terry Adams

Terry Adams shows you his tattoos, tells you why he got them along with some nice flatland combos.
“Flatland BMX extraordinaire Terry Adams lives his sport, and to show his love Adams has “Flatland” tattooed across his belly. In this Alli Sports Under the Gun hear the thought process behind each of Adams’ tattoos as he shows off in front of his local patch of flatland in front of the Hobby Lobby.”Alli.
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Alli “Under The Gun” – Pat “Big Daddy” Laughlin

Big Daddy and his tattoos in Alli Sports “Under The Gun” series.
“Get it straight, Pat ‘Big Daddy’ Laughlin rocks a “champ stamp” on his lower back. In this Under The Gun Laughlin tells you all about his tattoos and how they came to be. Some tattoos have a sentimental meaning, but Laughlin just goes straight into a shop and says, “Hit em wit it.”Alli.
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Under The Gun – Glenn Salyers

“Pro BMX rider Glenn Salyers breaks down some of the tattoos he has with cool stories, beginning with a star that was done using a tattoo gun with a guitar string rigged to it. He also has his last name on his ribs, a swallow bird on his collarbone and more. Check out the stories behind each, including his newest tattoo that includes a hub and spokes within a beating heart. Get the stories behind the tattoos and then watch Glenn ride the Kitchen Skatepark in Indiana.”Alli Sports.
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Matthias Dandois Getting Tattooed

Ride Sessions – Orange Episode 5 Matthias Dandois by Orangefr
The whole video is in French but I think you will get it. Matthias Dandois randomly picking out his next tattoo out of a hat. His French cell sponsor Orange paid him to get tattooed and he got a tattoo of Tom Selleck’s face.
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Under The Gun – Cory Nastazio

Here is another episode of Alli’s “Under The Gun” where Cory Nastazio shows you his hourglass tattoo with blood flowing through on his arm and tels you the story behind it.
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Mark Webb’s Big Back Tattoo

For Alli’s Under The Gun video Mark Webb explains the story behind his new full back tattoo. Just check this massive skull.