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Chainless With Tazz Hernandez

Chainless With Tazz Hernandez from PlusSizeBMX on Vimeo.

Why buying yourself a freecoaster hub, if you can just take off your chain and have fun with it? I know most of you don’t think it this way, but Tazz Fernandez is the kind of guy who likes trying different stuff all the time and being chainless is something he tried a few years back and stuck to it ever since.
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Juke Life – East LA Session

Juke Life crew is probably one of the busiest crews out there, because they are constantly coming out with fresh new stuff. Watch Stephan August, Tazz Hernandez, and Erik Engstrom getting a session done at the Belvedere concrete skatepark in east Los Angeles.

Juke Life – San Fran Sandbox

On the last day of Juke Life’s San Francisco trip they visited Paul Bray, to shred his fun looking indoor ramp setup. Small but really awesome. Featuring riding from Tony Campos, Eli Waterhouse, Paul Bray, Patrick Kelly and Tazz Hernandez.

Juke Life – Hansen Dam Session

The Juke Life crew hit up the Hansen Dam concrete skatepark for a session, where Tazz Hernandez took out his iPhone and managed to film a few clips for this quick new edit. A nice and sunny session is always a good session.

Woodward West – The Off Season

Tazz Hernandez and Matt Wilkin took a trip to Woodward West last month, to get some cleaning done and of course to have fun and to enjoy riding all those ramps. The edit is pretty chill, but it gets a bit serious in the second half.

Tazz Hernandez Mix

Taz Hernandez hitting Woodward West from the inside and outside and also some sweet street spots for this new web edit he just put together, filmed by his friends.

Woodward West Mix

Dylan Pfohl put together this mix edit filmed during a session at Woodward West Hanger with Tyler Halvorsen, Kris Fox, Jack Fahey, Nina Buitrago, Angie Marino, Eli Waterhouse, Leo Landeros, Tazz Hernandez and Daniel Chiarelli.
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