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HeadRush – Terry Adams Promo 2013

HeadRush – Terry Adams Promo 2013 from Mickey Gaidos on Vimeo.

OK, seriously, what did I just watched. All the stuff Terry Adams does in here are not normal, not even human if you ask me. I keep on thinking, how are half of the tricks in here even possible? I guess the answer is Terry Adams. In this promo video Terry shared his thoughts on riding and like I already sad, does some unreal trick combinations.
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Terry Adams – History In The Making

Here is a rad one. Bobby Carter from Diversion Television sat down with Terry Adams in his backyard flatland spot to take a look back ten years and talk about some of the highlights from events and other project that happened to date. Along with that, there is plenty of amazing old footage of Terry for a good measure.
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Terry Adams At Manhattan College

Terry Adams paid a visit to the Manhattan College as part of his Red Bull College Tour, to get a demo done for the students. Sam Wood now dropped a little web edit from what went down, that includes some really clean shots.
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Terry Adams Red Bull College Tour – Salt Lake City

One of Terry Adams’ stops for his Red Bull College Tour was Salt Lake City and here is a quick recap from the shows he did at the Westminster and The University of Utah. Definitely great seeing crowd going all crazy.
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Alli Sports “Head2Head” – Terry Adams Vs Matt Wilhelm

Alli Sports dropped a new episode of their “Head2Head” series featuring Terry Adams and Matt Wilhelm. Terry thought he will answer right on every question, but even Matt had some problems, so click play above and find out who won the battle.
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Deco Terry Adams Signature TA Frame

You can find pretty much everything you need to know about Terry Adams’ signature TA frame from Deco. The frame should be available around September, so start saving your money and get stoked.

BMX Worlds 2013 – Flatland Top Three

And now to the last in the series of Top Three finalists video from the BMX Worlds 2013 contests. Seat back, relax and enjoy in technical wizardy stuff from Matthias Dandois, Terry Adams and Adam Kun. What to say, these guys always spin my head around and make me feel dizzy. Enjoy.
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Dew Tour Ocean City Flatland Finals Highights

Now we will all take three minutes of out lives to watch the highlights from the Dew Tour Ocean City flatland finals, where Terry Adams, Yohei Uchino and Matthias Dandois were competing against each other for that golden first spot. Matthias repeats his win.
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Matthias Dandois Takes Flatland At Dew Tour Ocean City

Matthias Dandois once again proved that he is one of the best flatland riders in the world with winning Dew Tour Ocean City flatland contest. Yohei “Ucchie” Uchino got second place and Terry Adams third. Expect tons of coverage from the contest in the near future.

Terry Adams Riding Flatland On Water

In case you missed this amazing web video it is now back online and ready for the whole world to see it. Terry Adams met up with Red Bull teammate Adam Errington in Florida to get a photo shooting done for Red Bull. Not just a regular photo shooting, but a photo shooting of Terry riding flatland on water while Adam is jumping over him on a wakeboard. This is rad.
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