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Odyssey TGif: Terry Adams & Aaron Ross – Chase Scene

For this week’s Odyssey TGif series they decided not to go that serious with the riding and bring something funny for you guys. Terry Adam’s is getting chased by Aaron Ross’ bike and Aaron is doing a little flatland on Terry’s bike.
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Alli Sports “My Five” – Terry Adams

In this episode of Alli Sports’ “My Five” Terry Adams tells you about his most memorable contest, favorite vacation spot, imitating people and more and lock some tech combos at this small little room.
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Terry Adams Bike Check

Odyssey threw together a few photos of Terry Adam’s current whip in the above flipbook, where you can get a better view at the updated The Waltz frame and Terry’s signature Hobby bars.
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Terry Adams In Atlantic City

If you are somewhere near the Golden Nugget in Atlantic City make sure to go there this weekend to watch Terry Adams getting down some demos.

2012 JoMoPro Pre Jam – Pro Warmups

Viki Gomez, Matt Wilhelm, Matthias Dandois, Alex Jumelin, Yohei Uchino, Jean-Williams Prevost, Yoshiki “Hotoke” Uchino, Terry Adams and Jean-Fancois Boulianne warming up for the 2012 JoMoPro Jam at The Bridge in Joplin, Missouri. Brought to you by AMFTL and Fat Tony.
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Odyssey Palm Springs Video

One word, Amazing! First Click on the Above photo and you will get the video from Odyssey’s Pal Springs adventure, that is premiered on Def Grip. Featuring Sean Sexton, Tom Dugan, Aaron Ross, Matthias Dandois, Terry Adams, Hoang Tran, Tom Perry, Adam Banton, Mike Aitken, Gary Young, George Boyd, Justin Simpson, Matt Beringer, Broc Raiford, Eric Lichtenberger and Chase Hawk.

Alli “Under The Gun” – Terry Adams

Terry Adams shows you his tattoos, tells you why he got them along with some nice flatland combos.
“Flatland BMX extraordinaire Terry Adams lives his sport, and to show his love Adams has “Flatland” tattooed across his belly. In this Alli Sports Under the Gun hear the thought process behind each of Adams’ tattoos as he shows off in front of his local patch of flatland in front of the Hobby Lobby.”Alli.
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Pro Flatland Riders Warming Up For JoMoPro 2012

“Terry Adams, Bo Wade, Takahiro Ikeda, Dominik Nekonly, and Matt Wilhelm sent in iPhone clips they shot while sessioning and getting ready for JoMoPro. The contest is now less than two weeks away and we can’t wait… See you there!
Also, we are stoked that Profile Racing has come on board as a sponsor this year! They have been in the game for a long time, and their cranks can’t be matched!”
Get flyer after the jump.
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Terry Adams House Check

ESPN got a few pictures up on their site showing Terry Adams’ home in Hammond, La. Big sofa, Harry Potter, signature products, hair saloon, backyard spot and more.

Odyssey Behind The Vision: Terry & Aaron – The Sequel

Here is another one in Odyssey’s web series “Behind The Vision”. Click here and find out all the random details from making Terry and Aaron – The Sequel.
In case you missed the full edit, watch it here.