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Terry Adams At Holdfast BMX

Terry Adams at Holdfast BMX from Joshua Vaughn on Vimeo.

“This is some footage that I shot while attending the Redbull demo that was put on at Holdfast BMX. In this video you will see Terry Adams killing it on his flatland bike. Terry is one of the best flatland riders out there and probably one of the most humble guys I have met. I hope you enjoy this edit that I have put together for him and I hope to get some positive feedback.”– Joshua Vaugh

Terry Adams’ 2011 Summer Tour

Terry Adams will be on a summer tour over the month of August and 2 days in September. Read more to see where his stops will be.
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Terry Adams And Hobby Lobby

Terry Adams Hobby Lobby from Brock Gomez on Vimeo.

Terry Adams talking about his favorite riding spot and the place where he grew up riding at. It’s no other than a parking lot in front of Hobby Lobby. Enjoy.

Terry Adams Giveaway

“I will be giving away a complete “Flatware Waltz bike” at one of these demos in NJ this weekend. Come out and say whats up if you live near by.”Terry Adams

Terry Adams Odyssey Wallpaper

Terry Adams painting for Odyssey’s latest Flatware wallpaper. If you like ti, you can easily download it over here.

Terry Adams Red Bull Demo In Orlando

“Terry does over 80 trips a year doing demos at college campuses and everything in between. Today he stopped by and crashed a Red Bull meeting as they were taking a break. With DJ ready and Chad DeGroot on the mic, Terry pulled some of the hardest tricks done today. This is tough when you get off a plane, put together your bike, hit the Florida heat, and have to ride real early in the morning. Check out.”Knucklenap

Game Of BIKE – Matthias Danodis Vs Terry Adams

This is RideBMX’s first flatland game of BIKE. I think that the choice of riders for the first game of BIKE of this kind is perfect because both Matthias Dandois and Terry Adams are extremely talented rider.

Pop Tarts – Meet Terry Adams

Pop Tarts filmed a little something about Terry Adams during his show at mall of America. Find out what is flatland through Terry’s words, how long has he been riding and more with riding clips.

Terry Adams In Portland

Terry Adams Cruising PDX from #something on Vimeo.

Terry Adams recently went to Portland, Oregon for a couple of days to do a few Red Bull demos. I think there is nothing more to say. Enjoy.

Terry Adams Interview

It is Friday and it’s time for RideBMX’s Friday interview. Head over there and find out what he normally brings with him of a trip, did he every missed a flight, what is his favorite airline to fly, what is he doing at the airport to help passing his time and much more.