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The Con – Michal Smelko In Frankfurt

The Con’s Michal Smelko recently spent a few days in Frankfurt, Germany where he fired out various of dope street moves. Michal sure likes putting his pegs to a good use on ledges and rails and pulling technical combos and lines. This was definitely a great watch.
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The Con – Sebastian Anton “A Day With The VX”

Last Saturday newly added The Con rider Sebastian Anton spent filming for his welcome to the team edit and it turned out, that he got so many really solid and tech clips, they made a day/welcome to the team edit. Kid is a best and I am really looking forward to his future edits.
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Michal Smelko Welcome To The Con

Michal Smelko is the newest addition to The Con crew and here is his welcome to the team edit to make it official, that was filmed at a few skateparks around Europe. Michael is one crazy rider, especially when it comes to grinds and to linking tricks together with manual. All the grinders out there, check this one.
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The Con – Backyard Split

Two of the The Con riders, Tom Schorb-Mergenthaler and Georg Senger, came out with this short, but pretty good split edit, filmed at Backyard indoor skatepark. I am definitely into this quick edits, they may be short, but they definitely show how good riders are.
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Tom Behrendt Scarps Edit

Tom Behrend is currently working on a new web edit around the streets of Berlin, Germany and to give you a taste what to expect, here are some scrap and leftover clips. This The Con and Season Bikes rider has style and I can not wait to see his full edit.
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The Con – Pre-Opening Session At The Backyard

The Con crew had a pre-opening session at the new indoor skatepark in Karlsruhe, Germany, called The Backyard yesterday and came out with this solid edit. This skatepark will officially open it’s doors on January 1st 2013. Featuring Bruno Hoffmann, Fabian Röthlisberger, Tom “Slaytanic” Schorb-Mergenthaler, Mario Waffenschmidt, Keno Röller-Siedenburg, Merlin Czarnulla and Dennis Erhardt. The long x-up icepick grind was so sick.
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The Con Mixtape

“This is a mixtape of our crew and our homies. We decided to use all those clips which were laying for too long on our hard drives to make this mixtape. So most of the clips in this one are almost two years old, while others were shot two weeks ago.
Fabian Röthlisberger, Tom Schorb-Mergenthaler, Bruno Hoffman, Max Gärtig, Boy Janssen, Georg Senger, Tom Behrendt, Mario Waffenschmidt, Oliver Michel, Markus Brückner, Manuel Recktenwald, Keno Röller-Siedenburg, Merlin Czarnulla and Dennis Erhard.”
The Con.

Kriss Kyle Welcome To The Con

Welcome to the family – Kriss Kyle from The Con on Vimeo.

The Con is happy to welcome Kriss Kyle to the team. How much control Kriss has on his bike is just unbelievable.
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The Con – Tom Behrendt & Friends

Tom Behrendt & Friends from The Con on Vimeo.

The Con’s Tom Behrendt visited his friends Janos, Joe and Lukas in Braunschweig to ride and have fun filming this quick edit.
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Win Free The Con Products

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