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Merritt BMX’S The Garden Shop Stop

A few weeks ago while beeing on a Shop Stop trip Merritt crew stopped by Jake Seeley’s local BMX shop in Massachusetts, The Garden, and hit the local concrete skatepark for a session. Here is a collection of clips they managed to film and it is great. Manual to downside tailwhip to fakie is still one of the craziest trick out of a manual ever.
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The Garden Trail Jam 2013

On August 17th there will be a trail jam going on over at The Garden Trails, so if you are somewhere near these trails on that day, you know where you need to go. More informations about the whole even can be found on the flier above.

The Garden Team At Pittsfield Skate Plaza

Team Garden, featuring Jake seely, James Johnson, Matt Clark, Alex Platt, Nick Roy, Jesse Pause, Brady Hanford took a session at the Pittsfield skate plaza and killed the place.
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