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The Hunt 2013 Trailer And Results

The world premier of The Hunt 2013 video went down yesterday and here is trailer for you who weren’t able to go there, to tease you up. From all the entries, Kevin Kiraly’s scored first place, followed by Sam Bussell’s and Jake Ortiz’s.

Iz Pulido The Hunt 2013 Trailer

IZ HUNT TRAILER from The HUNT Official on Vimeo.

The Hunt 2013 premier is going down tonight, but before it happens, here they are teasing you with a quick little look in Iz Pulido’s mad section. I don’t even have balls to think how crazy the final product will be, so I will wait till I see it and till then don’t even think about it.
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The Hunt 2013 DVD First Look

Here is an exclusive first look at the The Hunt 2013 DVD with short clips from sections and comments from head judge, Will Stroud. If you will be in Long Beach, California on November 7th make sure you go to the video premier.
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The Hunt 2013 World Premiere

The world premiere of The Hunt 2013 video will be happening next Thursday, November 7th, 2013 at the Art Theatre in Long Beach. Make sure you be there if you live near, because you know the final product will be sick as hell.

The Hunt 2013 Semi-Finalists

Semi-finalists and the world premiere date for the 2013 The Hunt video is here. Chijioke Okafo, Adam Lee, Sam Mueller, Pascal Lafontaine, Kevin Kuraly, John Dominick, Jake Ortiz, Don Delp and Kevin Ventovaara are semi-fanilast and premiere will happen on November, seventh, 2013.

Adam Lee’s The Hunt “Paint The Town Red” 2013 Trailer

Trailer for Adam Lee’s The Hunt “Paint The Down Red” 2013 entry and if you will watch it, you will know that it is going to be one proper entry. From skateparks to the streets, Adam can kill it all and here is a little inside look what to expect. Filmed and edited by Sean Zaidi.
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The Hunt 2012 – Ricky Moseley Section

Now get yourself ready for the Ricky Moseley show. Here is his section from The Hunt 2012 “Golden Rush” video contest. Ricky is an all around rider, he has no problems with riding, streets, skateparks, trails and even vert ramps. There is a good mix of everything in his section, so don’t sit on it and watch it now.
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The Hunt 2012 – Nick Digeroloma And Josh Perry Section

When I first saw Nick Digeroloma and Josh Perry’s The Hunt 2012 “Gold Rush” section I was really blown away by the level of riding these two came out with. Tons and tons of insane moves over a jumpbox, a nose bonk double peg, a flair to hand plant and much much more. Get stoked.
This is a NetworkA exclusive.
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The Hunt 2012 – Ed Zunda

And here we have it now, finally. The winning section from The Hunt 2012 video contest featuring no other than Ed Zunda has dropped on the web as part of Ride BMX’S Monday Edits. Three minutes of solid street riding, style and simply amazing stuff. Ed really killed it with his section and no wonder why he earned himself a spot on the Odyssey team and a trip to Hawaii. If by any chance you haven’t seen this thing yet, you must watch it now, I guarantee you, you’ll gonna enjoy it and you’ll get pumped enough to go out and throw down a session with your friends.
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The Hunt 2012 – Broc Raiford Section

This is finally ready for the whole world to see. Broc Raiford’s section from The Hunt 2012 “Gold Rush” video. Five minutes of crazy good street riding, nose manuals, big pops, rails and ledge stuff and much more. Is candy what’s making Broc such a good rider? If you haven’t seen it yet, this is a must.
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