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Ben Eylander Launching Into 2014

Lansing, Illinois based skatepark machine, Ben Eylander, spent the last days of 2013 shredding The Kitchen indoor ramp facility, while Fat Tony was there for him, capturing all the mad moves on his camera. Ben is an unknown rider, but he kills it so freaking hard. 540 flairs, double backflip and a handful of spin, flip, whip and bar combinations.
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2014 The Kitchen PRO AM Contest

Oh man, I kinda hate it when news for 2014 contests are already dropping, we are still in 2013 god damn it, I don’t want 2014 to come too soon. Yeah yeah I know, this is just me. Guys over at The Kitchen indoor skatepark in West Bend, Indiana posted about their 2014 PRO AM contest, that will go down on March 22nd to March 23rd.

Ben Eylander At The Kitchen

The quality of this video is really poor, but may the quality not fool you, because the riding level is really high. Ben Eylander spent a few hours at The Kitchen indoor skatepark in South Bend, Indiana and this edit was made. A lot of stuff went down for just one filming session.
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Alli Sports “My Five” – Glenn Salyers

Alli Sports caught up with Glenn Salyers at The Kitchen skatepark to get a new episode of the My Five series done. Watch Glenn getting technical, but also pulling some massive stuff along with talking about his best ever Halloween costume, what type of peanut butter he likes the most, the best set of trails he have ever ridden and more.
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Colton Walker – Kitchen Edit 2013

When you think you’ve seen everything from young shredders for today, Colton Walker’s The Kitchen edit drops. Colton is another amazing and unreal 15 year old kid, who is killing it really hard. He recently made a trip to The Kitchen skatepark during the spring break and got some amazing stunts pulled, like that opposite truck driver to double barspin back. Insane.
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Justin Friedl At The Kitchen

Just got this edit of Justin Friedl in my inbox from George Sarkes. They took a trip to The Kitchen skatepark recently where decided to film a quick one, to show you guys that Justin enjoys shredding his bike as much as possible. Check it out.
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The Everest Crew

This is the first out of many edits from The Everest crew, hitting The Kitchen indoor skatepark in South Bend, Indiana. The crew consists of Bailey Hensel, Glenn Salyers, Joe Weist and Ryne Sanders and all fours of them are nailing down some rad stuff. But Glenn is the one who stood out, with all those grind combos.
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The Kitchen 2013 Pro/AM Contest Official Highlights

These are the official highlights from the second annual The Kitchen contest, brought to you by Solution Action Sports. This is definitely worth another watch, because both, pro and amateur riders, went as wild as possible.
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Best Of The Kitchen’s Stay Strong Contest

Here is the Alli Sports’ version of highlights from the second annual The Kitchen contest, brought to you by Stay Strong. Riders sure went nuts and the contest wen bigger than last year’s as expected. Featuing Daniel Sandoval, Vince Byron, Ryan Guettler, Colton Satterfield, AJ Anaya, Glenn Salyers, Victor Salazar, Colton Walker, Kuba Cerski, Zane Bradley, Danny Rumple, Alex Landeros, Tyler Fernengel and more.
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The Kitchen Contest 2013 – Finals And Best Trick Highlights

One more highlights video from the finals and best trick of the second annual The Kitchen contest. Featuring AJ Anaya, Daniel Sandoval, Tyler Fernengel, Vince Byron, Victor Salazar, Alex Landeros, Dustin Grice and more. Riders sure went crazy with all those insane tricks. Enjoy.
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