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The Grumets – Peter Holaway And Jake Pearce “The Right Fluke” Section

A solid split section from The Grumets “The Right Fluke” video featuring Peter Holaway and Jake Pearce. I f anyone is still asking how many parts are there left, this is actually the last one. Pretty sick roof drop at the end. Take a watch.
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The Gurmets – Raphael Jeroma Williams “The Right Fluke” Section

Yet another amazing video part from The Grumets “The Right Fluke” video featuring Raphael Jeroma Williams. Five minutes, two songs and tons of solid street shredding, well, mostly street shredding. This dude is a beast, has long hairs and knows how to murder spots, every single one. Enjoy.
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The Grumets – Ryan Power “The Right Fluke” Section

Today we are posting Ryan Power’s section from The Grumets “The Right Fluke” video. How many sections are there left? Will sections ever stop dropping? I don’t care even if not, I could watch a section a day without any problem, because every single one was very enjoyable and pretty much a must see. So many talented riders in this video.

The Grumets – John Debono “The Right Fluke” Section

John Debono and his section from The Grumets “The Right Fluke” video. This part is all tech and all wrapped in creative combos. Have you ever seen a feeble grind to x-up lander to 360 to smith grind? I don’t think so. Press play button above and enjoy every second of it.
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The Grumets – Nathan Seeley “The Right Fluke” Section

You thought there is no more sections from The Grumets “The Right Fluke” video? Not true. Nathan Seeley’s section is up and ready for your viewing pleasure. This Aussie goes all in with the pegs stuff and fakie freecoaster moves. Good stuff, good stuff.
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The Grumets – Tony Bartley “The Right Fluke” Section

Sections from The Grumets “The Right Fluke” are dropping like crazy and each and everyone is pretty much a must see. This is the Tony Bartley part and it includes some nasty crashes, grinds, regular and opposite, and overall solid street shredding.
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The Grumets – Lucas Camino “The Right Fluke” Section

And you though we won’t be posting any sections from The Grumets “The Right Fluke” video. You are wrong. Here is another one featuring Lucas Camino going technical with some proper freecoaster style fakie grinds. This one is fun, doesn’t feature crazy wild stuff, but has a really good vibe.
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The Grumets – Carraig Troy “The Right Fluke” Section

It is crazy how fast sections from The Grumets “The Right Fluke” video are dropping. Carraig Troy’s aka Tiny’s section is the section you will be watching next. May the nickname Tiny not full you. This guy might be skinny, but damn, his riding capabilities and how smooth he goes has nothing to do with his looks. Definitely something you will enjoy watching.
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The Grumets – Stephen Griffiths “The Right Fluke” Section

Here is another one from The Grumets “The Rigt Fluke” video featuring Stephen Griffiths. You may not be familiar with this guy, but believe me, you will enjoy his section. Well filmed, well edited, with some really good riding, just the song isn’t something I am into. Besides all the solid street stuff, Stephen also knows how to go creative.
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The Grumets – Chris Mathews “The Right Fluke” Section

New section from The Grumets “The Right Fluke” video featuring Chris Mathews aka Flagz getting things done at the streets around Australia. The luc-e grind to c-up grind and last extremely long icepick grind were the highlights.
Make sure you watch the video now.
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